How’s India by night?

Top 10 Nightlife destinations in India!
How’s India by night?

How’s India by night? While the day routine is just for the sake of life, the night spree set the vibration and energy throughout the nation. A full spirited nightlife is a part of today’s young generation.

In the Indian Metros, it’s full of life with music, dance, movies, discos, restaurants, bars and pubs as options to get indulged in cheer and joy.

Here are the 10 cities on the frontline to shine up with sizzling nightlife.

Goa Final


Goa is the prominent standby place for holiday, vacation or weekend. It’s an ultimate destination for party lovers. Beach, discos, jazz concerts, and cocktails add to the sparks and colours of the nightlife of this eventful place. People try their luck at the casinos scattered across the land. The whole atmosphere buzzes up with partying during the full moon day of every month at Anjuna, Calangute, Baga, Colva and Dauna Paula beaches. Goa is the most happening place for celebrating New Year bash.

Mumbai Final


The most glamorous and lively city of India. The tinsel town is popularly known as Bollywood. Famous for many national and internationally renowned DJs, bands and celebrities. The nightlife at Mumbai is ever alive with the insomnia of Taj Mahal Hotel, Totos and Aaziano Bar at Bandra, Enigma at Juhu Tara Road, and Fire n Ice and more to make people buzz up with the spirit to revel in and out.

Delhi Final


Bustling national capital – one of the great places for buzzy nightlife and partying. Most happening places include Elevate, TGIF at Cannaught Place, Urban Pind, Capitol in Ashoka Hotel, Ivy, Baci Bar, Mirage, Tabula Rasa, Café Morrison and Agni at Park Hotel, My Kind of place in the Taj Hotel, Scooter Club. And it’s ideal to go chill out at the outlets of Hauz Khas.

Bengaluru Final


The pub capital of South India and the IT capital of India with techies to fill the larger part of the crowd that gather to make the nightlife of Bengaluru lively and buzzy. Nightspots for the party bees include Athena, Pecos, The Club Inferno, Geoffrey’s, Insomnia, iBar at Park Hotel, Zero G, Purple Haze, Club X, Styx – the pub for hard rock fans, 13th Floor, The Underground, TGIF, Noir and NASA. Over 40 pubs rhythm up along the M.G. Road to pace up with the nightlife astute.

Pune Final


With a lot of restaurants of various kinds, the city buzzes up with clubs, pubs, discos and lounges to add fervour to the nightlife. Some of the popular nightlife places in Pune are Cyclone, Havana, Club Polaris, CO2 Lounge, Hard Rock Cafe, Ten Downing Street Nightclub, 1000 Oaks Pub, Area 51, Aqua Lounge, Kiva Lounge, High Spirits, Apache, Scream at Le-Meridien Hotel, Shisha Cafe and Atrium – The Hi-Spirited Bar. And to add to your rhythmic mood, catch up with musical concerts and rock shows that go pulsating every night.

Hyderabad Final


Although you may find a slight variance in the atmospheric beauty between the two territories of the Twin cities, the nightlife keeps you a buzz and active with scintillating options such as Rain, Escape, Touch, Hard Rock Cafe, 99 MHz, Under Deck and F Bar with a lot of professionals and hi-fi people amongst the crowd of different walks to greet you.

Kolkata Final


In spite of an authoritative hold on the traditional values, Kolkata’s party-loving crowd goes perching out on with the passion amid the modernity mixed nightlife that’s most happening at lively spots like Dublin, The Park, Aqua, Lytton Hotel and Someplace Else Pub. Tantra, the luxury bar and nightclub stand to grab the crown of nightlife in the city.

Chandigarh Final


The nightlife in this capital city of two states, Punjab and Haryana is as energetic as the people of the region. Obviously, Punjabi music rules the nightclubs here. Oriental Lounge, Lava Bar, Zinc Lounge, Antidote, Arizona and Vintage Terrace Lounge Bar are among the classiest and fun filled nightlife options.

Chennai Final


The ‘Vanakkam’ city, known for its commanding grip on tradition and culture, smiles in a different gesture making the nightlife go throbbing and lightning. Nightspots to surge in with your near and dear ones at ease and peace include Dublin, Zara, Hell Freezes Over, Bikes and Barrels, Leather Bar and Geoffrey’s.

Jaipur Final


This city of palaces and beautiful monuments goes passionately with dance shows and concerts rendering an amazing night experience. The nightlife takes off in the hotspots like Devil’s Club, Angara, Wavs, Cafe Kooba, B2B, Taquila, Venom Lounge and Amigos Bar & Discotheque where the party lovers prefer to chill out.

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