Improve your everyday Posture in 6 Two-Second Ways!

It’s all about taking the baby steps. Here are a few quick tips from health experts.
Improve your everyday Posture in 6 Two-Second Ways!

We have always heard from teachers and mothers tell us to sit up straight, but somehow you still find yourself hunched over the computer no less than ten times a day. It’s all about taking the baby steps. Here are a few quick tips from health experts.  

Switch Shoulders

Every morning, as you step out the door with your mobile, keys and swing your handbag over a shoulder. A study from Teesside University says that carrying extra weight on one side (especially if you as much junk as) can throw off your natural gait and cause muscle and back pain over time. So it’s advisable to switch your go-to shoulder time to time, clean out your handbag to lighten the load and wear a cross-body style to distribute the weight more evenly.

Adjust Your Line of Vision

Spending all the time hunching over your laptop, it’s right time to invest in an elevated computer stand. Because it’s vital to keep your eyes focused directly in front of you, to avoid bending your neck and squeeze your shoulders too much all day through, this can cause long-term problems like back pain and posture.

Posture Inner

Think about Your Ears

Have you ever notice your posture while texting? Your head falls forward and your back curves. Here’s an easy trick to keep your head from not bending over: keep your ears aligned over your shoulders. By doing this, it will straighten your spine and relieve any undue pressure on your neck.

Uncross Your Legs

When you’re sitting, and to keep your spine straight, line up your shoulders directly above your hips. Uncross your legs and keep your feet flat on the floor. At first, it seems difficult but sitting with crossed legs all day can be bad news for your lower body and spine.

Raise Your Chair

While sitting at the desk all day, your seat is probably too low. To check, make sure your elbows form a 90-degree angle while typing. If not, raise your chair to relieve pressure on your upper trapezoid muscles, which can get tense from crushing shoulder.

Stretching is Good

When you feel yourself sink down into a hunchback, try to sit up straight and place your left hand on the right side of your head to pull your ear down to your left shoulder. Hold for 30 seconds, and then switch sides. It’s recommended you repeat this move twice daily to relieve neck and back tension.



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