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Actress-Rethika Srinivas in an exclusive chat with us!

Actress-Rethika Srinivas in an exclusive chat with us!

Rethika Srinivas, who has acted in Vazhakku Enn 18/9, joins with us in an exclusive interview.

How did acting happen to you?

I have always been passionate about acting and have done about 40 to 50 Television commercials for brands like BSA SLR, Preethi and Chennai Diamonds.. I was sent to audition for a Tvc by a model coordinator, that’s when I bumped into Director Balaji Sakthivel and my first movie Vazhku en 18/9 happened. I have been getting plenty of offers post my performance in that movie.

Transition from being a theatre artist to a film artist.

Both has it’s own favorable and unfavorable factors. Like when it comes to theatre acting, you get instant response from the audience and that’s not the case with Film acting. There is a demand for perfectionin theatre acting. No Re-takes! hence you can’t afford to make any mistakes.

What do you enjoy doing the most? Have you been actively doing theatres as well?

Incomparable! It’s entirely two different things. And I have been getting offers to act in theatres as well, but i would like to concentrate more on movies and commercials for now.

Tell us about your Ad film house?

I have a production house called “Ice breakers”, it’s a brand consultancy, which has produced many ad films and conducted mega events in Dubai, US and singapore. I am also trying to do short films apart from commercials. Hope everything falls in place. Keeping my fingers crossed.

You have done plenty of commercials. Do you genuinely use the product that you endorse?

Frankly No! Last week I did a commercial for Prince Jewelry with Venkatraman and it is coincidental that i always buy my jewelry from there. But i don’t always use the product that i endorse.

How do you keep yourself going? How do you balance your work life and personal life?

My priority is my children. There is no busy man in this world, only the man who doesn’t know time management will call himself/herself busy. You can always make time.

What are your pastimes?

Play with my kids. I own a property in Dubai, so when i feel bored i take a flight to dubai and spend some quality time with my husband. I like singing as well.

5 essentials in your purse

a lip gloss, an eye-liner, a serum, a hand lotion and a water bottle.

Where do you hang-out the most in chennai?

My home. I don’t party at all. I am a home bird basically.

Since you come from an advertising background, thought we would ask you this question. How brand – obsessed you think people today are?

Those people who can afford big brands are not really brand-obsessed. Some people buy products because of the kind of awareness that the brand creates for itself. It will be surprising to know that a person comes across 3200 ads a day, out of which only 20 brands gets noticed. And all the 20 brands deserves to be bought because they have managed pass through the cluttering.

What is your opinion about Women Empowerment?

There has been a lot of hype about women-empowerment. Women are empowered already, men are respecting women and i think we are giving unwanted attention to it. I personally have all the freedom in life.

How many ad films have you worked so far?

About 250 Tvc’s

Your Most memorable commercial.

Sriram chits by PC. Sriram, Horlicks JWT,

Prince Jewelry with Venkatram (apparently, the shoot happened on my birthday and is very close to my heart)

Projects in the kitty:

Currently i have about 3 to 4 worthwhile projects in hand. I am a little apprehensive about revealing my projects. Recently, I was taken out of a project because I happened to reveal it to a newspaper. It is quite common in the corporate world to reveal your projects. It’s disappointing to know how different it is in the film industry.

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