India’s passion for internet continues…

Over 268.9 mn new users have been added since 2014
India's passion for internet continues..!

India accounted for more than half of the 500-million new Internet users globally who have come on board in the last three years, a report by software firm Adobe said.

According to Mobile Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) Report, India has a strong position in driving momentum of smartphones and number of new internet users globally and in the Asia-Pacific region.

268.9 MN

‘The report, based on the global analysis of 1.7 trillion visits to more than 16,000 websites between January 2014 and January 2017, found that smartphones were the source of 500 million new internet users globally. Within this, India delivered a staggering 268.9 million new consumers,’ the report said.


This was followed by China and Indonesia that accounted for 97.4 million and 15.7 million new internet visitors respectively, it added. The report said smartphone traffic in India increased by 290 per cent since 2014, while desktop traffic was recorded as six per cent lower, and tablet traffic stayed stagnant at three per cent.

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When it comes to app installation growth, the report showed that India led the pack with a 49 percent increase since 2014, in contrast to most countries like the US and UK that have experienced a nine per cent and 38 per cent decrease in the use of apps respectively.


Smartphones are allowing millions of people to access the internet, who otherwise might never have had the opportunity. India has latched on to smartphones and outpaced many affluent countries around the world in internet usage, which is representative of the country’s drive towards digital transformation.


These regions have 34 per cent higher smartphone share growth, compared with affluent nations. According to the report, India, which already has a high share of internet smartphone traffic, is showing no signs of slowing growth. With a forecast of 46 percent of the world’s smartphone share by 2018, India’s rapidly expanding digital story continues to present a massive opportunity for marketers