India’s telecom subscriber growing strong!

India’s telecom subscriber base, mobile and landline combined, has touched the 1.18 billion mark!
India's telecom subscriber growing strong!

India’s  telecom subscriber  base, mobile and  landline combined, touched the 1.18 billion mark at the end of February 2017, growing 1.17 percent over the  previous month, according to regulator Trai.

The market  growth was  propelled by the addition of 13.75 million mobile users during the month. The demand for once- popular landline phone has been dwindling as the cheap mobile handsets, coupled with falling tariffs and freebies,  have led  to an  explosion in cellphone connectivity.

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Over the  past few  months,  operators including newcomer Reliance Jio and incumbents  like  Bharti  Airtel and Vodafone have been doling out attractive offers and unleashing high-decibel marketing campaign to woo customers. ‘The number of telephone subscribers in India increased from  1,174.80  million at  the end of  January  2017  to 1,188.5  million at the end  of  February 2017, showing a monthly growth rate of 1.17 per cent,’ as per the  data by  the  Telecom Regulatory Authority of  India  (Trai).

The urban  connectivity went  up to  692.15  million in  February-end, from  681.15  million in  January-end,  a growth of over 1.6 percent.

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The pace of growth of rural connectivity was lower at 0.56 per cent. Rural telecom users increased to 496.39  million from  493.65  million during the same period. The Indian telecom market – the second-largest in the world after  China in terms of subscriber base – added 13.75 million mobile customers in February. This pushed up the total mobile subscriber base to 1.16 billion.

The wireline connections  –  which have been losing sheen over the last few years  –  remained flat with subscriber base stagnant at about 24.35  million.  A lesser number of people sought network port outs in February compared to the previous month.  Nearly  5.6  million subscribers submitted requests for mobile number porting in  February,  compared to  6.24  million placing such request in January this year.

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