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Innovative Corn-based food items for Monsoon

Innovative Corn-based food items for Monsoon

Corn is the most favourite comfort snack of the one and many, especially during monsoon. The concept of enjoying roasted corn on a dark rainy day along with your favourite brew is not a habit, but an emotion. Though the classic idea of eating corn stands apart, the same taste can dull your taste buds due to monotony. Thus, adding a flair of innovation to the age old plain corn can add a touch of freshness to the taste and keep the excitement intact. A chef from Elior India can share insights on the below-appointed points pertaining to the topic:

  • Innovative Corn-based food items for Monsoon
  • Replace the tea and coffee – 5 best replacements of tea & coffee during monsoon
  • 2 unique recipes consisting of corn as an integral ingredient

Monsoon musts: Healthy food essentials

Monsoons in India are always much awaited as they provide a relief from the hot Indian summers. However, monsoons have their own drawbacks, especially as far as food is concerned. The damp and wet weather leads to the rise of germs and diseases like indigestion, conjunctivitis, typhoid, and dengue to name some. Nutritionists explain the link between the drop in temperatures and our bodies’ speeding need for high calorie- high carb diet. Whenever there is a drop in the temperature, our bodily temperature drops as well, hence we automatically want foods that will keep us warm and cozy.  This is likely due to our body’s need for more calories coupled with the changes in brain chemistry brought about by the change in seasons and alterations in the body’s biological clock. Hence, during this season, it’s important to keep one’s immunity strong by observing certain food habits while avoiding some at the same time.

Healthy snacking options for this cricket season

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Cricket fever has infected one and all and this virus is only going to spread but this virus is a wonderful one bringing friends and family together, to watch the tussles, eat and celebrate, feed off each other’s excitement, stop each other from feeding on fingernails and when victory arrives to scream in unison pumping in adrenaline like no single-seater can contain. We eat, the passion for the game and sense of togetherness feeds not just love for the nation but hunger and the love for food too.

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