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Kailash Kitchen, Choolaimedu- Food Review

Kailash Kitchen, Choolaimedu- Food Review

Kailash Kitchen is 8-year-old restaurant, managed by Tashi and Lobsang, from Tibet. Very honest in their offerings and in dishing out the food that they are best at. Spot on with quantity and taste. The clientele for Kailash Kitchen, is mostly the college goers. Most of them seem to be a regular there and know the menu by heart.

The Order:

Momo: Under Tibetan cuisine, Momo is described as a Tingmo* with filling (Either beef or Chicken). This dish is the Chinese influence on Tibetan Cuisine. There are two types of Momos – Steamed and Fried. Usually served with a spicy dipping sauce called Achar or Chutney. At Kailash Kitchen, got to taste both kinds of Momos.

Steamed Momos (Beef) – Price INR 90:

True to their traditional way of preparing Tibetan Momos, Kailash Kitchen has stuck to their basic filling, of plain Meat with no other additives. Best had when it is piping hot. Might loose it’s character if it gets cold. Soft and succulent momos, lived up to the hype created around it totally.

Fried Momos (Beef) – Price INR 95:

I loved this more than the Steamed ones, so much so that, I flicked, the last Momo from the plate, shamelessly.

Tso-tse-mein (Beef) – Soft noodles topped with gravy of choice – Price INR 95: (Tso – Lake / Tsel – Vegetables / Mein – Noodles)

I liked this one. I usually don’t like soupy noodles, but might make an exception for this one alone.

Shapta (Beef) – Stirred fried meat of choice with spicy sauce – Price INR 95: (Sha – Meat / Pta – to Stir fry)

Thinly sliced meat squares, and probably wok tossed. The sauce wasn’t spicy, yet perfect in taste. Only problem with it was that it was tad dry. A decent affair.

Dhangthuk (Chicken) – Spicy noodles salad tossed in sesame oil – Price INR 90: (Then – Pulled / Thuk – Noodles)

Spicy cold noodles with sesame oil dressing. A clear winner. Loved it to bits, The punch from Sesame Oil, is simply out of the world. I would certainly go back just for this one and the fried momo for sure.

Lime Soda: Refreshing and tasty.

Overall Experience: The place was jam packed and on the day when we went, the service was slow. This place is going to be insanely crowded, in spite of whatever I’m going to write about service and blah blah. Instead, let me figure out how to get my take away next time I go there.

*Tingmo is a steamed bun/bread

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