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Karthik Tiffin Center – 12th Main Road, Annanagar

Karthik Tiffin Center – 12th Main Road, Annanagar

Karthik Tiffin Center - 12th Main Road, Annanagar

Karthik Tiffin Centre is both an affordable and popular food joint in Anna Nagar, Chennai. It is a vegetarian joint, which is open from 6 am to 2 am. The cost for two people would just be 200 INR and is a preferred choice for many students, office-goers, commuters and others as it serves around 15 varieties of dosa at economical prices. They are planning to open an outlet in Tnagar as it is a busy centre and area in Chennai. Karthik Tiffin centre is an example to the fact that not all roadside joints are unhygienic as they call themselves a high-class vegetarian joint.

The menu is ideal for south Indian food lovers. The specialities of the place include Parotas and Peas Dosa. The menu consists of dosa, Idlis, vadas, pongal, fried rice, pooris, etc. Besides corporate goers and college students being the main customers, they also have a large number of VIPs coming to the place. Though the place is filled with customers all the time, the rush hour is usually the late evenings.

Karthik Tiffin Centre is not a place just meant for Tiffin and breakfast. For lunch, they serve different kinds of variety rice. The place serves, tomato rice, keerai rice, coconut rice among other kinds of rice. There are two branches in Anna nagar. One is in 12th main road and the other in 9th main road. With 35 employees who work to get your food ready, this place has something for everyone. The place is not meant for the elite customer who wants to be spoilt and pampered, but for the person who wants proper south Indian to be served tasty and fast.

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The different kind of dosas available are Gobi Dosai, Tomato Dosai, Masala Dosai,Vada curry dosai, Kal Dosai, Pattani Dosai,Meal Maker Dosai, Podi Dosai, Saada Dosai. The place also has items like paratha, upma, idhiyaapam, and it is one of the few road side eateries that serve fresh ghee pongal to hungry customers. It is also one of the few places that serve coconut chutney, onion chutney and pudina chutney with the main dish. Besides being a place frequented by regular customers and the working class, the place is also used for take aways for the people who dont wish to stand and have the food.

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