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Katrina Kaif Finally Joins Facebook

Katrina Kaif Finally Joins Facebook

We always thought Katrina Kaif wouldn’t join social media. She always had this mysterious front and has always been a private person. The star finally joined Facebook  yesterday. All her fans are loving her entry into social media. The star has already made three posts on her page. Though she is a late entry into social media, we are sure people are going to welcome her into the most popular social media platform. She joined the platform on the eve of her 33rd birthday.  There are actors like Aishwarya Rai and Vidya Balan who are still not on big social networking sites like Facebook.  Though we almost decided that Katrina Kaif wouldn’t join social media, we are really happy that the adored actress has taken this initiative. Happy networking Kat!

Stars Who Don’t Use Social Media

Nithya Menon (Kollywood) – The OK Kanmani actress has admitted that she doesn’t like using social networks. She also thinks it is a waste of time and the actress mentioned in one of her interviews that doesn’t like using computers.

Ranbir Kapoor (Bollywood)  – He doesn’t use social media because he likes to keep his life private. He is one of the most popular actors, yet doesn’t like using social media

Julia Roberts (Hollywood)- Julia Roberts says that social media lacks  human connection and a personal touch and that is simply the reason why isn’t on it.

We feel that being on social media is a good thing as it is a good platform to share information, but it is when you overshare that it can get a little boring for the people following you. On the other side, if you use it very rarely too, then chances are you may not get many followers. The best way to use social media, whether you are a celebrity or a non-celebrity  is to just use it to highlight the best moments of your life.

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