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Lehenga Sarees for the youth at The Chennai Silks

Lehenga Sarees for the youth at The Chennai Silks

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The Chennai Silks, one of the largest textile retailers in South India, has introduced the now trendy “Lehenga style sarees” which have become very popular in India among the youth. Lehenga is an aesthetic blend of the traditional saree and lehenga choli . Exciting variety of designer blouses will add to the beauty and aesthetic appeal of the Lehenga sarees. It can be compared to the traditional Pavadai Dhavani of Tamil Nadu.

cheap Promethasin Like that of a traditional saree, the lehenga style saree is worn over a petticoat along with a designer blouse called the choli, which is the upper garment. The choli is mostly of a halter neck style, deep neck, or “backless” style. As with choli worn with the saree, these cholis are also embellished with kundan, beads, mirrors etc. The range for Lehenga is from Rs 2,000 to Rs 10,000. Apart from this, Sarees, Western wear and jewellery are all available under one roof.

Lehenga style saree is a form of ready-made saree that arose from the need of an artistic yet easy to wear party attire. The easy-to-wear option of the garment tells the ladies just to slip into it and be ready in minutes. Stitched as a long flared skirt with a zip at the side, it is made to the measurements of the wearer. The ensemble needs to be slipped in, then the wearer can fasten the zipper and drape the pallu over the shoulders. This is an outfit for ladies who are not comfortable with usual draping and pleating that the regular saree demands. This style of saree’s pallu has the dramatic effect of the matching dupatta of the conventional Lehenga Choli.

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The Chennai Silks has arranged for free delivery across India. For online shopping,

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