Life in style – Top trends of 2017

What’s so fanciful is what’s to be looked upon!
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It’s obvious that life tends to trends and 2016 has seen much of technology and style. The last six months had projected more of the fanciful side of life amongst the other noticeable issues erupted out of current affairs in addition to playing the mortgage, global terrorism etc.

What’s so fanciful is what’s to be looked upon! From Pokémon Go to Retro Sneakers, the year had witnessed and the year of 2017 is to be enjoyed something interesting.


10.Pokémon Go

The game was devised by Niantic and Nintendo by way of The Pokémon Company and was released in July 2016. It’s a free-to-play, location based augmented reality game for iOS, Android and Apple Watch devices. Pokémon Go became a global phenomenon and most profitable mobile apps with 500 million download. In spite of controversies for being the cause for various accidents and public nuisance the game was credited with popularizing location-based and augmented reality technology, promoting physical activity and helping local businesses grow by way of increased foot traffic.


9.Game of thrones

The most popular American television series premiered on Channel HBO in the U.S. on April 17, 2011 and its sixth season ended on June 26, 2016. The much awaited seventh season is scheduled to be on air by mid-2017. The theme hovers through a fantasy drama created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. The series has attracted record viewership on HBO and is hailed for its production values, scope and acting style of its complex characters.


8.Mind of Mine (Zayn Malik)

This debut studio album by singer and songwriter Zayn Malik released on 25 March 2016 by RCA Records received generally positive reviews from music critics and the praises directed towards Malik’s new musical direction and his vocal performance. Mind of Mine debuted at number in the United Kingdom, United States, Argentine, Australia, Canada, ew Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and Taiwan made Zayn the first UK male artist to debut at number one in both the UK and US with his debut album.



“Whole30 is a 30-day guide to Total Health and Food Freedom” is the topic of the book Ryerson and her husband Glenn wrote on food agenda. “It helps you identify foods you need to be cautious about” affirms Holly Ryerson of Winter Park. The couple says that dairy products and sugars are the culprits behind Glenn’s irregular heartbeat. The site promotes their efforts and develops a public support network. The programme has an extensive social media reach.


6.Hawaiian Shirts

New York fashion week went haywire with Hawaiian Shirts with loud prints gaining popularity with the visitors wondering if they have landed in Honolulu. Norm core was cool with safe style back in 2014 but Hawaiian Shirts streamed and steamed hot through 2016.


5.Digital Wallets

The eventual turn of events immediately after the enforcement of demonetization pushed these apps like PayTm, MobiKwik, FreeCharge and Oxigen to an inevitable fame in the system of financial transaction. In fact, these apps were practically unfamiliar even among the social media savvies. These apps are available on the official Android Google Play store or the Apple App store. The Indian Government envisages the process as the financial ecosystem.


4.Stars in Animated Animal Films

In the current screen trend of animated creatures dominating the box office, Mr. Idris Elba has been very busy during 2016 with biggest box-office hits like The Jungle Book, Zootopia and Finding Dory. Well, he was the one to bring out the proper talent into voice the tiger, buffalo and sea lion featured in these worldwide hit movies respectively.



Political scene was so stormy this year with the Brexit vote ripped apart parliament so brutally. The impact has created a stir even among those who were unconcerned bringing up more than 180,000 people signing up to vote in the Labour Party’s leadership elections in less than 48 hours – almost more than the entire Tory party and the Lib Dems combined.


2.Retro Sneakers

Following the success reimaging the classic Stan Smith, Retro Sneakers thudded in as casual shoes of the season by Adidas, looking back in time once again with the reinvention of the Gazelle. The cult sneaker is launched in 53 colours leaving the Adidas lovers to take their picks.


1.Ice-cream Sandwiches

If you say you don’t like ice-cream, so you say. That goes with the cookies and sandwiches. The food trend of summer 2016 has been yummy with the kind of achingly hip ingredients that keep many testing their taste-buds. Mondrian London’s new summer menu features a sandwich made with thick slices of toasted red velvet sponge, served with a slick of chocolate ganache and red berries – the description that spreads the taste and savour in it. The customisable menu over at food truck Blu top in South London lets you mix and match your own gorgeous monstrosities from an eclectic selection of components including rosemary infused or white coffee with glazed doughnut – gravel – pieces ice creams and brown butter chocolate chip cookies. Sounds like an un-official trend? It isn’t a secret. So go get it.


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