5 easy ways to lead a sustainable life

Do you remember that time when you saw the amount of waste you are generating and decided that you want to lead a more eco-conscious life? However, the concern regarding a complete lifestyle overhaul and the added expense deterred you from the path. But, what we tend to forget about sustainability is that it starts with small, inexpensive and impactful steps.

A proponent of the sustainable lifestyle, Malavika R said, “I started my eco-conscious journey by learning more about it. It can get very daunting and you may feel guilty that you aren’t doing enough for the environment. But, it is important to take baby steps and feel comfortable with the tiny change before moving on to the next.”

Natasha Anand is another sustainability enthusiast and on discovering her starting point, said, “Going green is a lifestyle choice, but one that can make a huge impact on the kind of life you lead. There is an opportunity to practice sustainable living in everything you do on a regular basis. Be it the way you commute, eating habits, how much garbage you create and so much more. A habit that I have adapted while taking care of my surroundings is using an eco-friendly and natural action floor cleaner like Nimyle that ensures I lead an eco-conscious life.”

Taking small steps will help you in making a big difference. Some of the points below can aid you in your journey:

Eat Local: When you eat local, you reduce the carbon footprint of the produce. For instance, if you are in Delhi and your craving to eat an Avocado, remember that the fruit does not grow around your city, its either being imported or travelling from the foothills of Himalayas or from southern India. It has to travel all the way to Delhi, thus increasing pollution and carbon footprint. Also, when you eat local, you support the local economy. If possible, try your hand at growing a vegetable garden as well.

Carry a stainless steel glass and cutlery: Once the lockdown is lifted and the pandemic is over, carry a stainless steel glass while you are travelling. A long road trip will always make you wish for a cup of steaming hot tea/coffee to keep you energized, instead of accepting tea in the plastic/paper cups, which would be used only once and will end up in the garbage. Let the steaming beverage be poured in your steel cup. Drinking in a stainless steel cup is healthier as compared to a plastic/paper one

Waste to compost: Find ways to reduce your waste by composting a lot of the organic waste. Whether its coffee grounds, vegetable peels, egg shells, you don’t need to let it rot in your dust-bin. Instead, invest in a composting bin, which will help in decomposing organic matter and turning it into manure for your plants. If you do not tend to any plants, distribute the manure to plant parents or a nursery

Fix that tap: In each home, there will be one tap that leaks incessantly. Not attending to it, could cause a loss of many liters of good water. Learn basic plumbing, so it’s easy to fix taps if a washer bolt is loose. If that seems like a task, don’t delay in calling a plumber who will be able to fix it for you

Use products that are certified environmentally friendly: If you find it time-consuming to create DIY solutions at home, find natural alternatives in the grocery store by checking if they are certified natural by industry bodies/independent agencies. For instance, a floor cleaner like Nimyle has been certified by TUV India as a green product.

If you start switching to environmentally safe products and inspire others to do so, businesses will innovate to fulfill the needs of a niche audience, thus creating an even bigger market for environmentally safe products


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