Flowers are a symbol of youth, beauty and pleasure. Flower arrangements are a simple and effective way to amplify the welcome setting along with bringing a pure aura with themselves to our natural spaces. Inculcating them in an everyday setting can bring in a lot of positive impacts such as mood elevation, stress reduction and providing colours and liveliness. Typically used as a centrepiece, floral arrangements can be made out by using a single type or by incorporating a combination of these flowers:

Focal Flowers: They are the most eye-catchy flowers in a flower arrangement. Popular choices are Roses, Peonies, Sunflowers, Tulips etc. Filler Flowers: It’s a style of flower used in floral design with the purpose to act as a bulk fill-in for a floral arrangement. Basically, encapsulates Heather, Dusty Miller and Greens.

Present to you some unique yet astonishing Vase ideas for prismatic Botanical foreplay.


The 360° drama procures an effortless display of Flower arrangements that looks absolutely graceful from a 360° view. You can choose a narrow neck vase or even a wide neck vase for placing the flowers inside. Creating a bunch of focal flowers and fillers can be an ideal choice since the focal flowers concentrate major view attention while the fillers work towards filling the remaining vase space and also provides heightened volume. Even for your everyday décor, the 360° drama can be an excellent pick to introduce blossoming elegance.


At times we experience dull and plain walls but we don’t really recognise a better solution than wall art. But now you can actually enhance the beauty of your walls by placing a great collection of flowers. The Front Facing Fashion targets such walls which need Botanical foreplay for an exalted appeal by simply placing all the gorgeous assortment of flowers in the front and filling the backspace with just some fillers. By doing this you can actually add aesthetical volume to your wall and can display it smartly, by placing long, medium and short stems.


The Shining Glass Display encapsulates clear glass vases, to beautify the floral displays. Clear Glass Vases are flawless when it comes to flower arrangements since they let the prismatic colours pop seamlessly without disturbing the colour scheme. Place flowers with staggered heights and create contour, also to make the bottom of the vase look lissom you can fill in some artificial colourful stones, moss, sand and also glass sand to add volume to the overall appearance.


The presence of flowers blesses the surroundings in a gathering especially when it’s with our loved ones. But this presence can also prove to be a hindrance in conversations since vases placed over dining tables can interrupt our sight while conversations therefore to avoid this inconvenience you can place flat vases or low-height vases. Such vases let you flaunt your flower arrangements in a very subtle and elegant manner without being a barrier between colloquies.

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