Form meets function in D’Décor’s latest Festive/Winter 2021 range


D’Decor, India’s premium home furnishings brand unveils its latest offering with a brand new line of bedding, rugs, blinds and trimmings. Their Festive Winter 2021 range is the perfect blend of distinctive architectural elements and designs that optimize smart functionality for the home. By reimagining contemporary design stereotypes, the new collection looks at home decor essentials from a new lens.

Excellence VIII bedding collection

Ranging from muted to vibrant jewel tones, the Excellence VIII bedding collection is not only visually appealing but also comes with an antibacterial finish that for the first time sees the introduction of hygiene in bedding. The intricacy of the collection’s craftsmanship celebrates the traditional process adapted from the timeless art form of embroidery with ornate floral patterns against bedsheets and pillowcases. The bespoke quilts of this range feature classic designs against a warm palette of solid and embroidered pieces.

Decorative Quilts & The Luxury Comforter Set

D’Decor also offers an elegant yet extraordinary collection of decorative quilts that uplifts the experience of comfort and warmth. Made of 210 TC cotton, these lightweight quilts make for a perfect luxury for everyday use. The luxury comforter set is also available with an Antibacterial finish. This collection features a range of intricate patterns carefully quilted on the bedspread as well as the pillow covers, that are perfect for the summer or even as an extra layer of warmth in the winter. The bedding by D’Decor is attractive and peaceful, inviting quiet moments.


Keeping in mind various inspirations the new collection of rugs is available in a variety of styles and sizes. The categories in this range include ​​Painterly Abstracts, Contemporary Classical, Artisanal Classics, Iconic Geometrics, Opulent Plains and Texture and Sensual Florals in a multitude of shades and finishes. The decorative rugs channel the essence of art in the form of one of a kind carpets. The rugs are available in sizes starting from S to XXL, making sure to cover every room in a home.

While the collection is charming, it is also purposely designed with attributes such as super-soft materials, water-resistant and UV stabilized surfaces, flatweaves and rugs that have been recycled and to ensure zero sheddings.

Painterly Abstracts:

A durable showpiece that grabs your attention and dictates the mood and design for the rest of the space; this collection of rugs is topped with striking motifs of ebbs and flows, animal skins in a vibrant pop of colour and organic textures.

Contemporary Classical’s:

One-of-a-kind rugs that add serenity to any space and act as a significant element when crafting your interior palette

Artisanal Classics:

Unrivalled versatility coupled with complex detail, vivid decoration and rich colour is the highlight of this range, bringing a refined sophistication to the world of interiors

Iconic Geometrics:

Iconic, graphic yet minimalist designs that add bold optimism to any interior space – ideal for those who believe less is more.

Opulent Plains and Textures:

Sophisticated and timeless, this range is crafted in an alluring blend of colour and texture, capturing a refined richness to elevate the everyday.

Sensual Floral:

This range effortlessly marries bold textures with the spirit of happiness. Each rug is woven with a story and every motif colourfully breathes life into a space.

In and Outdoor:

Hard-wearing, stain-resistant and all-weather friendly, these flat-woven rugs are very easy to maintain. These rugs protect the floor, are anti-shedding and can transform any space-indoor or outdoor as a fun accent.


D’Decor’s new range of blinds that have been specially designed to help one curate their own unique environment at home. The collection plays with light, colour and texture and is available in fabrics that are water-repellent, flame-retardant and anti-bacterial. It celebrates traditional and contemporary style while also elevating functionality in one’s home. D’Decor blinds give the consumer total control over the light in their space. The wide range of sheers, dim-out and black-out options help one tailor-make the ambience of their choice no matter what the time of the day.

The Santorini collection of blinds includes Roller, Romex and Panel Blinds which through minimal interventions provided a bespoke character to the interior space of a home. D’Decor specializes in creating unique and vibrant textile designs that ​​help to harmoniously bring together a range of elements to create an inviting atmosphere.

Solitude which emphasizes the Blackout Textures provides the softness of a light curtain with the ability to transform into a blackout blind. The Solitude collection offers a curated selection of exquisite jacquard designs that can not only help block out light but also helps to reduce the glare on the TV and computer screens and keeps the room cool by controlling the entry of light.

D’Decor’s Polo blinds are available in plains & sheer styles. Presented in a range of solid plains paired with sophisticated sheers, the collection exudes understated opulence through its diverse material palette. It is also available in matt, silk & cotton look which creates a sense of eclectic style and grandeur.

With over 60 made in India options to choose from, the Maldives Collection is a premium range of blackout blinds for the home. Texturally, it is decorated with geometric and botanical motifs that add a glint of glamour to the house while making sure to minimize light levels to ensure a restful night’s sleep.

The sleek and simple lines of the Day Break collection of elegant sheer and semi-sheer blinds are ideal for large and wide windows. Muted and minimalist, with a hint of gilt-edged shine, the collection projects a subdued, sophisticated presence while being budget-friendly.

With the aim to design perfection paired with innovation. D’Decor welcomes smart homes with end to end automated blinds. One can control the setting in their space by simply using their mobile device along with popular operating systems like Alexa and Google home integrations.

Day and Night blinds combine two pleated fabrics to create one smart blind so consumers have complete control over light, shade, heat and privacy.


Natural elements come together in the collection of trimmings exquisitely crafted using various techniques of embroidery to evoke a relaxed ambience infused with a quiet, old-world charm. Presented in a decorative palette of navy, green and vermillion, these trimmings instantly enhance the charm of cushions and curtains while being designed to have long-lasting durability.

Encapsulating earthy tones with colonial-era design, D’Decor’s latest home decor offering is evocative at its core and is a celebration of understated luxury.

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