Modular Switches can be a game-changer for your living room

Electrical switches and sockets offer the prime interface for all our electrical requirements. They have become a significant part of our house interiors. Modular switches are at par with the conventional switches in homes. They are a game-changer for our living space. Their influence on the living décor has been extraordinary. Individuals are capitalizing on additional time and effort behind selecting the flawless modular switch as compared to its outmoded corresponding item. The newest variations of electrical switches are suitable, safe, and relaxed for usage. But, if still, not aware of their functionality and reputation, we have got you covered.

Here is everything you should know what modular switches offer:

1. Modular Switches Advance the Visual Appeal of the Interior Design

There is nothing mainly unproductive about conventional switches, given that their inner machinery is built to the finest of all electrical engineer’s skills, apart from the fact that the quality of their exterior is, as discourse, not formed with any aesthetic-sensitive intent. They have all the feasible components of a modular switch and accomplish their purposes as intended, but they can look awkward to the complete look, with screw holes and sharp edges.

On the other hand, modular switches offer the home holder and the designers faraway additional customization possibilities in supplies, colors, and surfaces. Also, they commonly avoid screw holes and sharp edges to flawlessly
participate in the entire, with refined arches and unseen screw designs.

2. Modular Switches Guarantee Additional Safety for Kids

Since the screws, wiring, and sockets are infrequently visible in conventional switches and switchboards, there is a slight amount of risk to them, and electric shocks over arc sparks can ensue.
Luckily, given that modular switches are generally further expensive than the earlier, their gears are well-made and in place, making them harmless for children. Shutters, tighter gaps, and hidden screws prevent the risk factor. Shutters and cover plates repeatedly are planned to battle hazardous phenomena like arc blazes. Modular switches manufacturers too custom flame-retardant mark material to extra guarantee security.

3. Modular Switches Involve Relaxed Installation & Maintenance

Modular switches, plates, and sockets have appropriate technical machinery that permits relaxed connection. They every so often have a front-loading plate design which helps in elimination, if maintenance is required under the plate. Just a switch’s internal mechanism fails, you can remove the front plate simply, fix it, and then reaffix it to the wall without annoyance.


The modular switches can be used for diverse claims, like automation, security, and everyday activities. These switches can be fixed in diverse parts of your interior to assist the several requirements. Though, the main bid of modular switches is to convey heavy-duty applications. These switches bid vast suppleness as they are informal to fit and remove.


Modular switches are unquestionably improved than conventional switches with their hidden screws, anti-weld design, smooth and silent procedure, and tenable sockets. In the build-up to this, the customization options accessible by these products make them far-off higher than conventional switches and sockets. With a plethora of selections in visual and technical provisions, it can be problematic to select the perfect match. However, with the rising craze for modular switches since if their profits, they are a must-buy for your home.


Inputs by- Manoj Kumar Chaudhary, Founder & Director Vensor Electricals Pvt. Ltd

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