Ritu Kumar Launches Home Collection by Atelier Ashiesh Shah


Ritu Kumar Home and Ashiesh Shah come together to curate a stunning limited edition, home and tableware collection that celebrates local crafts and cultures and launches today and is available at the online boutique store Ritu Kumar Home & Living and select Ritu Kumar stores across India. Enclosed in this email is further information on the collection.

A conscious effort was made to mobilize local resources in an attempt to celebrate local crafts and cultures with due regard and appreciation for the vernacular over the course of the campaign.  Ritu Kumar and Ashiesh Shah closely collaborated with visual artists from the various cities that have inspired the collection — Amer, Jaisalmer, and Cochi.

Referencing multiple cultures, the collaborators worked in tandem with a team of people from varied backgrounds, each infusing a distinct character in visualizing the campaign. The true essence of the collection is contained in the energy and warmth exuded by the locals.

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