The Art and Power of Accessories: How to Style them with Different Outfits during Festive season

You have probably come across the phrase multiple times, “It’s all in the details” – a maxim truer than ever when it comes to fashion. And with trends leaning towards minimalism and subtlety, especially in dressing, accessories have emerged even more essential in presenting a perfect, polished, and personalized look. This festive season let us look our festive best; whether complementing gold bangles and earrings that will make a statement or donning a dazzling silver necklace to achieve a glamorous and elegant vibe for the evening pooja, accessories are indeed a game-changer. Here, we have rounded up a list of accessories that can transform your festive look to the next level!

Up the ante on solid colour outfits with one bold earring

There are endless options for picking a statement piece of jewelry for the critical pooja at home. A chunky long-hanging earring is an excellent accessory that can be paired with any solid dress. However, you don’t necessarily have to pick colorful, matching jewelry to turn heads. A simple, delicate hoop earring can make as much of a statement as a bejeweled earring. Pearls and mismatched earrings are also trendy right now.

Let your hands do the talking

A nice pair or bunch of silver bangles is excellent because it’s not too much jewelry and yet adds detail to your ensemble. And when praying to God or offering Arati, your hands do all the talking. Bracelets, bangles, kadhas, and finger rings are effortlessly stylish. They can seem like the heart of any outfit, so you don’t need to worry about layering up multiple accessories of different colors or patterns. Just pick a bold piece and let its versatility shine through. Plus, silver jewelry, in any form, is always an attention grabber!

Invest in a chunky choker

Disregard any preconceived notion about how or when to wear which kind of necklace. Whether in an oxidized silver pattern or traditional gold with pearls, a choker is ultra-chic for day events and still practical for evenings. Again, chokers are a great accessory for upgrading your look, as they come in diverse textures and styles. You can wear them with simple Paithani sarees or style them with elegant salwar sets, depending on how you like them. So, this is an accessory that will get a ton of use and bring any outfit to life.

Use foot accessories to embrace a last-season look into the present

Still fond of anklets? Why shy away from incorporating it into any outfit? It’s not flashy as a bangle, earrings, or necklace, but it adds a whimsical charm and elegance to your overall look. You won’t notice too many people wearing them now, which means that wearing one will lend you an edge over others. There are so many patterns and styles of anklets that there is no way you won’t find one that suits your taste. The best part is that anklets can be worn casually or dressily, so whenever you want to enhance your outfit without going overboard, a single pair of anklets can be your top choice.


Let your metals mingle

If you are not mixing up your rose gold chains with gold and silver bracelets or pendants, you are genuinely restraining the potential of your jewellery. For that matter, layering accessories of different metals, like chains, bangles, or bracelets, will scream high fashion and give you a one-of-a-kind style.
Accessorizing is just another way to spruce up what is already there. If your outfit looks dull and plain, an accessory can revamp your original ensemble first.

When it comes to enhancing your look without going all-out, these five tips will help you create the magic. Not only are they easy to carry and light on the pocket, but you will be able to use them on multiple occasions for years together.

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