The Positivity Project, launched during the second wave of the pandemic, started as a conversation between friends as a spontaneous response to help people struggling at various levels. This quickly grew to become a full-scale movement to create a shift in the collective consciousness of the world using the knowledge of masters from various faiths and disciplines.

Rejuvenate aims at being India’s first online well-being and spiritual summit with a global reach, scheduled between September 25th-27th, 2021. It will see the largest congregation of spiritual masters, powerful healers and globally sought-after teachers spread across three days with all the ingredients needed to remodel and rebuild people at all levels — physically, mentally and spiritually. From yoga and talks by top experts to workshops and meditation sessions, the summit will cover the entire spectrum of wellness.

Speaking about the initiative, Sangita Singh, Founder – The Positivity Project said, “One of the things we were aware of while launching Rejuvenate is that we wanted to bring the spotlight back on India as the land of spirituality and healing. People from all walks of life have travelled to India in search of spiritual and mental succour. We are packaging it in a new way and taking the narrative forward by bringing in masters from all over the world and putting them all together on one common virtual platform. This is a rare opportunity to transform through their wisdom and find renewal in these times.”

The long term aim of the project is to sustain the conversation, grow the transformative movement that has now come about and continue to seek the guidance of world-renowned experts to change people’s lives and guide them to create a yoga of the mind, body and soul.

The Project in the past has hosted many successful talks with widely recognized teachers and masters including Sri M, spiritual guide & social reformer, Swami Swaroopananda, Global Head – The Chinmaya Mission, Dr Dain Heer, Co-founder – Access Consciousness, among others in the past. These talks proved to be a deeply healing experience for many. People came back with the feedback of having undergone a miraculous shift in their core.

Going by the popularity, these talks became a growing demand to hear more such masters. The aim of the project is to be brought alive with their newest IP, Rejuvenate, a consummate healing and wellness platform aimed at creating ease, good health and holistic well-being for all.

The Project aims at sustaining dialogues to help people strengthen and rejuvenate at all levels.

Unique in its approach and possibilities, this is a virtual platform to meet enlightened masters, experience powerful transformative sessions and hear the experts of traditional wisdom share their secret to living blissfully while creating abundance in all spheres of your life.

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