Top 5 Companies that are on a mission to bring the local market of India online

1. LMO – Local Market Offers

Founded in 2020 by Mrs Lakshmi Prabhala, LMO is a new-age E-commerce Store that is designed to support local merchants. As we know that local merchants do not have access to high-tech knowledge, skills, and huge finance, and in such situations, it is difficult for them to stand firm against corporate giants. To strengthen and support local merchants, LMO provides easy-to-use features and helps them to transform their previous business model.

LMO’s offering-

● It covers 160+ business categories; groceries, fashion, rental cars, restaurants, electronic items, arts and classes, and many more.

● It provides services in 12 different local languages to support people associated with each language.

● Local clinics, salons, restaurants, or more service-based merchants can access the feature of online booking. Customers can book their appointment online easily with LMO.

● LMO offers inbuilt inventory which has 14000+ images that cover almost all major businesses. Merchants can either use these images or create their catalogues easily.

Thus, it’s the one-stop solution for all your needs.

2. Love Local

Love local is a Mumbai-based hyperlocal e-commerce marketplace that enables local retailers to sell daily essentials online. It is one of those companies that grew exponentially amidst the pandemic.

The tech startup that pivoted from its earlier avatar of M.paani, a mass-market loyalty program platform, today caters to more than 51,000 retailers, most of which are local Kirana shops from grocery to medicine to daily items needs. LoveLocal offers a complete shop digitization solution for retailers that is free with no onboarding fees, margins, or commission. The platform includes a consumer app, customer service support, frictionless storefront creation, cataloguing, digital payments, and logistics.

3. Buy Nearby

The BuyNearby App brings the around-the-corner General Stores even closer to you with a tap away on your smartphone.

With BuyNearby App, one can now conveniently buy your daily essentials online from your local trustworthy store and enjoy more efficient ordering, delivery, and payment services that the shopkeeper is providing by embracing digital.

As part of the Digital India movement, the company aims at encouraging more of the local retailers and General Stores in our neighbourhoods to come online and digitally revolutionize the way they service their customers.

Some of the key features include substitute suggestions, scheduling the deliveries, 24*7 order placement, amazing offers.

4. Digital Showroom

Digital Showroom is a company that aims to empower small businesses and individual business owners to take their business online – enabling WhatsApp Marketing, Digital Commerce, and Integrated UPI Payments by connecting with customers through a third-party app- WhatsApp. At Digital Showroom, the company’s vision is to empower over 30 million retailers to connect with over 1.3 bn potential customers. The end customers have been finding the platform very unique as they don’t have the hassles of downloading any app and can simply place orders to businesses using WhatsApp coupled with a web-enabled solution.

Digital Showroom is founded via Dotpe which is a technology start-up providing commerce + payments platform to offline enterprise businesses to drive digital transformation in the way they sell, manage and engage with their customers. It enables the businesses to sell more, sell directly & sell efficiently. The brand has multiple products aimed at different sectors within the retail environment.

5. My Store- Create online Dukaan

My Store app was launched by Khatabook in October 2020. It was launched to empower the merchants of Bharat.

With the country moving quickly towards large-scale digitization for all consumer needs, MyStore provides MSMEs with a platform to do online business that is not only free of cost but is also very easy to use. With over lakhs of registered users already, MyStore is focussing on helping every merchant in Bharat meet the current needs of the consumers, ensuring their growth despite the deadly pandemic.

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