What Are The Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure In Working Women?

Having high blood pressure or hypertension is risky as it can invite stroke and heart problems. In the below article, we help you to understand the symptoms of hypertension. Those women detected with hypertension should adopt healthy lifestyle practices to ensure their blood pressure is within the recommended range by the doctor. Read on to know more about the symptoms and get going!

Hypertension (high blood pressure) occurs when the pressure in one’s blood vessels is more than (140/90 mmHg). High blood pressure is not a men’s problem anymore. There are a majority of women, particularly working women who are suffering with hypertension. This could be due to stress, lack of physical activity and poor eating habits, lots of processed food because of erratic schedules. These symptoms shouldn’t be ignored:

Fatigue: Those women who are known to have hypertension tend to experience fatigue and exhaustion that can make it difficult for them to do continue daily activities.

Problems with eyesight: This too can be associated with high blood pressure.

Irregular Heartbeat: This is also a commonly seen in women with high blood pressure.

Pounding in the chest, ears or neck can also indicate hypertension in women.

Breathlessness: This shouldn’t be ignored as it can suggest that one is having hypertension.

Chest pain: It is one of the obvious signs of hypertension.

Severe headache: This is also a worrisome sign of hypertension.

Nose bleed will also mean one has hypertension.

Do not take any symptoms of blood pressure lightly at all.

The complications of hypertension:

Women who fail to control high blood pressure have a risk of stroke, heart attack, angina, heart failure, kidney disease or failure, peripheral artery disease, vision problems, and even sexual dysfunction.

The takeaway message: Working women will have to ensure that they lead a healthy life. They should eat a nutritious diet with minimal salt intake and cut down on junk, oily, processed and canned foods. Try to stay away from Chinese food, burger, pasta, pizza, namkeens, samosa, vada, sodas, colas, sweets, bakery items, and desserts. It will be imperative for working women to take out some time off their hectic schedules and exercise daily. Do activities such as yoga, running, gymming, walking, or jogging for at least 30 minutes after consulting the doctor, manage stress with the help of meditation, and sleep well to ensure your blood pressure is within the recommended range.

Article By Dr Rana Choudhary, Gynecologist, Apollo Spectra Mumbai

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