Why is private plane usage soaring in India?

Avoiding regular airport security checks, large crowds and flight rage might sound like a dream. However, it is now a reality! You can avoid all this and still enjoy luxurious air travel on a private Jet. India’s private aviation sector is booming and people are now skipping commercial flights and opting for private flying instead. India witnessed an exponential surge in private flying during the peak of COVID-19 due to obvious health & safety reasons and travel restrictions. However, as we put the pandemic behind us, the industry is still experiencing an uptick. This is due to various factors.

People want a more adaptable flying experience than what commercial airlines can offer. Plus, flying commercial might be a bother, but on a private charter, you can avoid the lines at the airport and leave when it’s most convenient for you. There is no need to hold your breath, and there are no middle seats to worry about. Privacy-conscious travellers are another niche market for private planes.

The only other people on board outside the crew and yourself eliminate any guesswork about who your travel companion may be. Taking a private plane is an excellent alternative for shorter distance travel and getting to airports that larger planes can’t get to. The largest perk of private travel, though, is the freedom to bring more stuff with you.

All of these compelling reasons make private flying an ideal choice. Consider making your next trip as luxurious as you can, by choosing to fly private.

With inputs from Mr Anil Kakkar, Founder, ExcelJet

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