William Penn Celebrates Fountain Pen Month #AMomentToPenn


The first Friday of November is Fountain Pen Day and it’s celebrated all over the World. At William Penn however, that passion burns so brightly they decided to dedicate the whole month of November to celebrate Fountain Pens. William Penn encouraged enthusiasts to share their experience on Social Media and hosted gatherings to dive into the world of fountain pens.

“Treasured heirloom”, “the proper way to write”, “environment-friendly”. The reasons differ but there is no question that fountain pens are immensely popular in this overwhelmingly digital age. They continue to capture the hearts and minds of each new generation for there is something reassuring about an art form that can be passed from grandparent to grandchild even as the world around them never ceases to change.

In honour of William Penn’s Fountain Pen month, an event was organized at William Penn Flagship Store (Koramangala 5th Block, Bangalore)

The chief guest of the event was Professor Yashwant Pitkar who is an Architect and a professor at Sir J.J College of Architecture. He is also a published author and a lifetime member of the Photographic Society of India. At the event, Professor Pitkar unveiled the special Sailor Fika pen. Pen collectors who were invited to the event displayed their prized possessions where people got an opportunity to see their unique and rare pens. Pen enthusiasts also shared their fountain pen journeys and experiences with each other making it a memorable event for all.

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