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Little Chef From Kochi Impresses With His Cooking Skills

Little Chef From Kochi Impresses With His Cooking Skills

Nihal Raj (aka) kicha is from ‘The Choice School’ in Kochi and is the owner of Kichatube- A YouTube channel that introduces new gadgets and recipes for kids. The channel also introduces to people new toys and kids products launched in the market. Kicha started his own channel when he was five years old.  He started this cooking channel as cooking is his passion and loves to help his baker mom. It all started when he uploaded his ice Popsicle video on Facebook and the video was an instant hit. Being on YouTube was always on the little chef’s Kicha’s mind and hence he started his own channel in the name “kichatube”.



Kicha now releases a new video on cooking every Thursday. The young chef does not spend more than three hours promoting his videos on YouTube. When he is not cooking, he loves playing with his friends. His favourite games are sky lander and mine craft.  He also loves ice skating and cycling.  Besides his love for gadgets and cooking, he is interested about the space and galaxy.  The young and talented Nihal wants to become an astronaut chef as he can go to the space and cook.  Another plan he wants to implement is to invent a machine which is like a microwave oven, which has gravity so that he can cook easily in space.

Facebook awarded him 2000$ for one of his videos and we asked him how it felt to receive this remuneration, ‘Though the video was made for my passion and interest,  it was a pleasant surprise to receive 2000$ for one of my videos. I donated a portion of what I received to an autistic kid in Kerala for his tuition fee’, said Nihal Raj.

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The multi-talented Nihal from Kochi also wants to start his unboxing channel. He also wants to visit Even ( Eventube) – the boy famous for unboxing from America.  The young achiever says that unboxing is an untapped area in India, as mobile and computer reviews are common. ‘’Toys unboxing is also not  very popular in India.  Hopefully many toy makers will understand the potential soon and will move towards that area’’ added Nihal.


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