Lose weight but don’t lose your life over it: Rekha Sudarsan

An inference of observing many conversations pan gender is that “ you are looking nice and fit” is a clear winner, “ OMG ( Oh my God) you have...


An inference of observing many conversations pan gender is that “ you are looking nice and fit” is a clear winner, “ OMG ( Oh my God) you have lost so much weight “ is a sure shot chest swelling moment for the receiver, “ look at you, you are in shipshape” is a deal clincher and of course “ you are looking sick and tired, get some food into you” is a dampener coated with jealousy in the name of concern.

Where have the days of conversations about weather gone. “Hot” now is in a difference point of reference but conversations start, end or revolve at least for some time around “weighty” issues.

 Why is weight loss given so much importance is a medieval question now and its sensible to turn the radar towards “how can I lose weight in a healthy way”.

Is weight loss so difficult? Not at all.

 But maintaining the weight loss is very difficult if the process involved in achieving the goal of weight loss was faulty.

 Losing weight and still retaining the muscle tone, energy levels, good temperament, skin texture and no hair loss are the parameters that should determine if the methodology followed and the modus operandi executed were in the right direction towards achieving the goal of losing weight. Lets keep the goal simple and lets go about in systematic steps

 1) Define the goal

We must define the goal. Am I losing weight for looking good, for health reasons, because I am feeling heavy, in fear of genetic inheritance and the likes.

WHY is an important question and the answer to this will steer the direction.

So definition of this goal becomes very important.

 2) Education

We must know the science behind this mystery called “weight loss”. If not in detail to present a thesis but definitely educating ourselves over the logistics involved will make the whole process very interesting and nevertheless thought provoking.

 3)Choose the Right Role Model

This will decide the success or failure of the mission even before it begins. It is one thing to look at someone fit and slim and aspire to become like them and it is completely another game if the basic parameters like gender, age, body composition, are not taken into consideration. Choosing the right role model to emulate to achieve this “weight loss” goal becomes very crucial.

 4) Simple short Realistic Goals

It is crucial to have goals as discussed earlier but it is imperative to have short realistic goals. Losing 1 kg in a week is a healthy weight loss by all standards. But aiming to lose 10kgs in a month seems ridiculous and is definitely a loser from the word go. So it is very important to chart out our progress and also plot the graph accordingly.

 5) Celebrate each kilo lost

Eventually losing weight is a mind game. And like any other sport, appreciation goes a long way in helping to sustain this sometimes “grueling” exercise. Rather than expecting appreciation from outside which would come eventually it is better to go the “self-help” way. But lets not celebrate this success with sweets and beat the whole purpose but spending time in dwelling in the success helps and reinforces the mind and thereby helps in sustaining the plan

 6)Losing the First Five Kilos

The weighing machine which becomes an integral part of our life at this time will get its dose of hugs and blow of kisses when it shows the loss of five kilos. But not to burst the balloon of happiness, lets understand and accept that the first five kilos is the easiest to lose and it is primarily water. An achievement for sure but not the one for keeps. The journey has just begun

 7)Understanding the plateau

This journey of weight loss is punctuated by plateaus. There will be weight loss and at regular intervals the weighing machine will not move an inch which might lead to frustration. But once we understand that these plateaus are just periods for us to hold on to the plan and continue or introspect over long plateau periods if the plan has to altered a little. But accepting these plateau periods will give us peace of mind.

 8)Beat the Boredom

This trip on weight loss can get boring when results stagnate. This is definitely a will power exercise. Times like this it always helps to relax and to distract ourselves with some activity that’s fun and helps us detox. Detox can also be a change in regular exercise schedule like skipping a workout or it can also be cheating on the strict diet regime that is being followed, like indulging in a scoop of ice cream that our tongue has been craving for. A small incentive to the body pushes the mind to work better.

So lets look at losing weight in a more realistic manner and lets get system in place thereby ensuring that our weight loss is a health gain and not at the cost of our precious life.

For, we live only once so lets live life king-size. Meant the quality of life!!!!!!

About Rekha Sudarsan:

A Marathon Runner and a Psychologist, Rekha Sudarsan concentrates on enabling women and Children lead a healthy life by modifying their eating habits and also counsels into Fitness and

She has several special certified talents, such as, Hypno Birthing Child Birth Educator, Certified Breast Feeding Counsellor (CBC), Certified Prenatal and postnatal fitness and wellness specialist, Certified Child Birth Educator, enabling her to act with confidence and help a lot of women who are first time mothers, who have the fear and unrelated worry about childbirth and bringing up their kid.

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