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Manisha Chopra, the engineer turned cosmetologist, explains the goodness of Dead sea minerals

Manisha Chopra, the engineer turned cosmetologist, explains the goodness of Dead sea minerals

Manisha Chopra, the engineer turned cosmetologist, joins us in an exclusive chat during the the launch of seasoul’s Monodose Facial Kits and Monodose Mani-Pedi kits.


Tell us about Seasoul and your journey so far.

Seasoul is my brainchild. I started my career in Australia as a Make up expert. It is important to mention that Make up in Australia is perceived differently. The first step to a perfect makeover is a healthy skin. My interest gradually grew in cosmetics and I pursued a course in cosmetology. As well, i started traveling around the world, handpicking ingredients like Stem Cells, Goji Berries & Moroccan Argan Oil that was essential to create a skin-friendly product like, sea soul.

A normal person uses about 200 hazardous chemicals a day. I was born with a child, who suffered from eczema. That’s when I decided to have a line of skin care products that a chemical free and Seasoul came into being. Seasoul products are Paraben & Sulphate free – 100 % Pure & Certified Dead Sea Products. Even the preservatives that we use are eco-certified. These products are formulated with a unique technology of bringing the Best of “Beauty Secret” together.

Tell us a little about the products that you are launching today.

SeaSoul is excited to announce the launch of Dead Sea Facial kits & Mani-Pedi Kits in all the Naturals salons in India, a result of SeaSoul’s constant endeavor to bring the best of Natural Origin Beauty Secrets at affordable price range. The facial kits come in a Mono Dose form & are meant for all age groups. This Facial treatment is great for Lightening & Brightening the Skin, along with removing the toxins from the skin & reducing the pores, making skin look radiant, glowing & younger than ever.I would recommend everyone to visit the nearest natural’s salon to experience the Seasoul Dead sea Facial.

Tell us the benefits of Dead sea minerals!

Dead sea is situated between israel and jordan, is surrounded by lands from all sides. Dead Sea is known as Natural Health Spa in the world. It has 26 important minerals, which help the skin to get rid of impurities, & makes skin look brighter & younger. It makes skin soft, supple & naturally glowing. Cleopatra, the beauty queen of her era, also believed in the mystical healing powers of the Dead Sea . She traveled from Egypt to build the world’s first spa there.

(Today Hollywood royalty, such as Julianne Moore and Susan Sarandon, use products from the salty sea)

So my struggles was to bring out a product with the right blend of dead sea minerals , Moroccan Argan Oil, stem cells and Goji Berries.

Who are your targets?

Everyone deserves to look and feel good. My product caters to all age group. Seasoul’s Monodose Facial Kits and Monodose Mani-Pedi kits are available at an affordable price range.

How important it is to take good care of oneself?

I am born to a mum, who was a make up expert. When i lived in australia, my skin used to flake out. That’s when i realized how important it is to take good care of yourself.

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Tips for everyone:

Always Cleanse, Tone and moisturize your skin on daily base. You should always opt for products that are chemical free. If you are in direct contact with sun/pollution, keep in mind to carry a face wash with you.

How do you position yourself in the Market?

It’s been 10 months since i started this company and we initially introduced world’s first ever, Anti-tan candle scrub with dead sea minerals. No matter what sort of pockets you have, it is really important every individual out there to take good care of the skin. We have positioned ourself as a brand that caters to every individual.

How is Chennai responding to your product?

Chennai has always been our major market. Second home to me now and we have our presence in quite a few salons here, including Oriza’s, Studio Profile and Naturals now.


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