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Medlife launches a range of superfoods to cater the growing demand for healthy eating options

Medlife launches a range of superfoods to cater the growing demand for healthy eating options

Medlife Superfoods range including flaxseeds and other varieties come with several health benefits without compromising on taste

Bangalore, 10th June, 2019: Medlife,, India’s largest online pharmacy and one of the fastest growing holistic healthcare platforms, has launched a new range of products under the label Medlife Superfoods. The range includes roasted flaxseeds, watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, and flax pumpkin seeds, apart from roasted mix seeds. Made from all-natural ingredients, Medlife Superfoods are healthy and tasty at once and come with an FSSAI Certification.

A survey by Ingredion[1] indicates that about 80% of consumers in the Asia-Pacific are concerned about the long-term impacts of artificial ingredients on their health. Another 70% are aware of every ingredient in their food. All these factors have led to the growth of the superfood market around the world including in India. Medlife Superfoods will thus help in addressing the increasing demand in this category.

Speaking about this, Mr. Tushar Kumar, Founder & CEO, Medlife, said, “We are happy to launch our own category of superfoods under the Medlife umbrella as another step towards our agenda of helping customers live a healthy life. With people getting more health conscious, there is an increasing demand for nutritionally dense food. Consumers are willing to try new things, which explains the increased popularity of superfoods. All our superfoods are high on health without compromising on taste. We expect an increased demand in this category as we offer customers the benefit of convenience and functionality through doorsteps delivery”.

The different varieties of seeds are handpicked, roasted under controlled conditions, and packaged to provide high-quality superfoods. They help in managing mid-day hunger pangs, support healthy weight loss, promote digestion, are good for the skin and hair and come loaded with nutrients. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein, and other essential nutrients. When combined with regular exercise and a balanced diet, these superfoods can make a person feel energized and help achieve better health outcomes.

The company has a customer-centric approach and offers genuine healthcare products from authorized dealers at discounted prices, cashback, and referral discounts. Its other USPs include a transparent inventory-led model and the steadfast conviction to sell drugs only against a valid doctor’s prescription.

Medlife services over 20,000 deliveries across 29 states and 25,000 pin codes. The company recently crossed the 1000 crore-plus run rate as of March 2019 and expects to achieve overall sales of 1500 crore with an exit run rate of 2000 crore over the next financial year.

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