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Melting away those extra pounds with chennai plastic Surgery

Melting away those extra pounds with chennai plastic Surgery

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Only those who have been battling the bulge know how painful it is to lose the extra pounds. They would have tried various forms of diet and exercise but all in vain. The only thing that looms large is the thought of spending their entire life as a heavy person and carrying all that weight around. Not to forget the possible health complications they are susceptible to. Well, here is a solution that would take away their woes. We are talking about the simple procedure called “Liposuction”. Dr Karthik Ram, a leading plastic surgeon at the Chennai Plastic Surgery talks about how Liposuction is no longer a scary procedure. Today, people walk in and walk out on the same day after undergoing the procedure. But the procedure is advised only an intense and thorough counseling session is done with the person. 


Typically Liposuction is done on the Abdomen, Breasts, Chin, Hips, Buttocks, Outer & Inner Thigh, Calf and upper arms for both men and women. Again, talking about the procedure, few of the common techniques adopted are Tumescent Technique (TT), Ultrasonic (UAL), Power Assisted Techniques (PAL) and Laser Liposuction. Let us understand these techniques better,

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Under this technique, a large volume of dilute anesthetic solution is administered to subcutaneous adipose tissue ahead of the liposuction procedure. What this does is makes the tissue firm and swells up before becoming “tumescent”. There is likely to be small amount of blood loss, but it does reduce the risk factor in the patient. This also allows the surgeon to predict the accuracy of the procedure. 



The second most common technique is Power assisted liposuction. Small and rapid vibrating suction tubes are used to help loosen the fat cells in the specific areas on the body. The fat is then sucked out through the cannula, or PAL wand, either of which will be inserted under the skin. Similar to the vacuum cleaner, high pressure is applied to the cannula  and it is used in combination with the tumescent fluid (a mixture of saline, adrenaline and local anaesthetic). The area where suction is required are marked with a pen to clearly indicate the area where the cannula are inserted. Tiny incisions of about 2-5mm are made through which the fat is sucked out. Ultimately it helps reduce the trauma to the surrounding tissue, minimizes bruising and in the process makes fat removal that much easier. The procedure is shorter and recovery quicker. The results under this technique are far better as well. For people who are suffering from high fat deposits in their abdomen, breast and anywhere on the face are where this technique is used commonly.

When is Liposuction recommended?

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Only when the person has been suffering from weight issues, fat deposits in the body that just don’t go away irrespective of diets and exercising is Liposuction advocated.  Apart from removing the fat from specific places, the procedure also helps get rid of cellulite and reduces stretch marks and dimples. At Chennai Plastic Surgery, the clients are given full information on how the procedure is only a tool to help them deal with their weight issues and is not a weight loss technique. They are made fully aware of the consequences of going back to their old lifestyle as well. They are also educated on the possible risks of Liposuction- infection, numbness and/or scarring of the specific area where the procedure was done. 


Once the patient is sure of what they want to do, they are taken through the entire process, including the possible side effects and after procedure care as well. The patient gets admitted the morning of the procedure and is good to get back home the very evening.  The procedure is done with General Anesthesia as it is equal to a small surgery. How it works is by breaking up and sucking out the fat from the various parts of the body through small nearly invisible incisions. These incisions are less than 4mm wide and are closed with fine threads, leaving barely any scars. After 7 days, the sutures are removed. Only thing the patient is advised is to wear special compression garments for a few weeks subsequent to the procedure. This will not only provide support but also help minimize swelling, thereby helping the skin heal and take on the new contours of the body.  But the only way the procedure will work is if the patient changes their lifestyle and eating habits, adopting a new routine for the months and years to come.  

 No matter what the technique is, Liposuction is a procedure to help remove a certain amount of fat from the body. It is all upto the patient to alter their lifestyle and maintain their body weight and fat percentage. Remember, it takes time and effort, not just a procedure to change the way you look and live. 

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