Must adopt Eating Habits from French Girls!

French women always have their mealtime are all figured out. Here are three eating habits that are easy to adopt!
Must adopt Eating Habits from French Girls!

French women always have their mealtime are all figured out. Without worrying about the sugar content, they nosh on flaky chocolate croissants and thick-cut, brie-slathered bread or in general they’re no less healthy than anyone else. Here are three eating habits that are easy to adopt read on…

Mealtime are meant for eating and socializing – No multitasking

In France, eating is not just to satisfy your hunger but also to socialise. Mealtimes are meant to catch up with friends and family and it’s vital to savour the food you’re eating. French women aren’t eating breakfast while scrolling Instagram or scarfing down lunch over their keyboards.

Office hours: Having lunch with colleagues and spend 45 minutes to an hour tossing around ideas while they eat—it’s an informal way to continue a conversation happening in the office. No room for laptops.

And, you’ll never spot a French person walking around while eating a croissant.

French Inner

No snacking

No room for skipping or skimping their meals – this is something unheard of, they Sit-down for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are totally ingrained in French culture. Because of this, Bard says snacking just isn’t something people feel the need to do.

They also don’t eat a bag of chips in front of the television. Most importantly no one would ever eat out of a bag of anything If they want to eat something they will put it on the plate and eat at the table.

Prefer eating high-quality ingredients – no processed food

When a French girl sits down for a meal, you know she’s not microwaving a 300-calorie TV dinner that’ll leave her hungry an hour later. When they say dessert it means really good chocolate and not eating a sugar-laden candy bar from the grocery store checkout aisle.

The French call it ‘a little treat – eating small amounts of high-quality cheese, sweets, and meat makes you feel full longer than processed ingredients (rich foods). Always supplement them with plenty of organic veggies—a Gallic diet staple that translates on any continent.



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