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MX players ‘Sweet n Sour’ explore the new highs and lows of Sibling tussle

MX players ‘Sweet n Sour’ explore the new highs and lows of Sibling tussle

Bitter and adorable squabble of siblings is one genre that has been explored extensively in filmmaking but MX players ‘Sweet n Sour’ explores the new highs and lows of Sibling tussle, perhaps a unique take given the circumstances.

Sweet n Sour, a comedy-drama series written, directed and bankrolled by Sambhav Jain is winning accolades and hearts with its fresh and quirky take on sibling rivalry during the lockdown.

Interestingly, the series was shot during the lockdown period. The series has been home-shot, so there are ample of video calling and mobile phone shot are included, which could have gone wrong, but it just reaffirms the authenticity of the narrative.

The series stars Lekha Prajapati, Sambhav Jain, Chaitanya Puri and Sapna Jain leading roles.

Two warring siblings, Isha and Kabir, as alike as chalk and cheese, are not the best examples that come to mind when talking of ideal siblings.

While Kabir is an extroverted live in the moment kind of guy, Isha is more reserved and apprehensive in her choices. Being academically brighter, Kabir got a scholarship in a prestigious boarding school where his parents enrolled him when he was young, and by the time he came back home, the connection between the siblings was lost.

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Isha already felt that their parents gave more importance to Kabir, either due to his being smarter or due to his being away for so long. They didn’t share much in common and didn’t even feel the need to.

But then the lockdown happens, and things start to change and shape up differently. The series explores the uncharted territory of two siblings trying to figure out their relationship, each other’s personal problems, and a lot more.

The cinematography and editing have been done by Akshey Kakkar.

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