Delhi based designed Namrata Joshipura was in chennai to unveil her latest collection at Evoluzion

  Delhi based designed Namrata Joshipura was in town unveiling her latest collection at Evoluzione and to meet some of her customers. We caught up with and had a...
namrata_joshipura_ chennai

 namrata_joshipura_ chennai

Delhi based designed Namrata Joshipura was in town unveiling her latest collection at Evoluzione and to meet some of her customers. We caught up with and had a quick chat about her  journey as a designer and her connections with Chennai. Read on to know more…

So, tell us a little about your journey till date?

Well, it all started 15yrs ago in Delhi and since then there has been no turning back. I have been fortunate enough to partner with stores and people who have supported my endeavors, a family that is very supportive and the biggest of them all being my inspirations! I have travelled across the world, to New York and London and everywhere else you would connect with Fashion, and I bring back a little piece of something from there, that you just might see in one of my pieces somewhere.

How different was this visit to Chennai?

As you know I make i t a point to visit Chennai quite a few times every year. This time was all about connecting with my clients, meeting them, spending time with them and understanding them. This is a very important process for my designing process and to get the pulse of my customers.

Tell us your connection with Evoluzione.

It has also been amazing to see the growth the store has gone through, the way they have welcomed designers from across the country and opened doors to new markets for us designers who would otherwise have no idea what is happening outside our zone. The 10 years has flown by so fast, I am looking forward to many more decades with them.

How open are the Chennai customers to new designs? We recall you had earlier mentioned they are quite open and experimental?

Absolutely, I still stand by what I said. My customers here are open to trying out new things and always ready to give my new ideas a chance. They are game to wearing everything from short dresses to long dresses and everything else I have created.

Tell us about the latest collection. 

A lot of the outfits are from my Autumn- winter collection and there is plenty of embellishments, motifs [some of which are inspired from my earlier collection Electron], quite a few mix & match [you can pick out a tunic, pair it with any bottom wear and so on], quite a range of tunics, tops, short & long dresses as well.

How many pieces are there in the current collection?

In Evoluzione, in my current collection there are over 50 pieces and the collection is available from 22nd onwards.

Where was the inspiration for the current collection from? 

They come from everywhere. There is Music, two of my earlier collections were inspired from music I love. One was from a Pink Floyd’s album and the other from Radiohead’s album called Lotus flower. Similarly, travel, nature are also a heavy influence. One of my recent collections Electron was completely inspired by Artificial intelligence. The inspiration for this collection is from all around me, the technology, nature, the colours and just about everything.

Have you ever gone off the familiar path and done something offbeat? 

Every collection has something new. Even if the DNA is the same, I am always trying new things and this is the only way I can keep my customers happy and coming back for more.

What else do we look forward to?

I am quite excited about opening my 1st stand alone store in Bangalore. It happens on 27th of August.  It is a dream of mine to have a store of my own and I have zeroed in on Bangalore and looking forward to the big launch. Once the store settles down, I might look at other cities to open a store as well. It is always good to have a place that is dedicated to you, especially now that I have a strong customer base across the major cities.

Where next?

Hopefully I will get to spend some time in Delhi so I can prepare for the Delhi Fashion Week. After that, I have no idea where life takes me!

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