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Chennai’s first Nandos was inaugurated at Phoenix Market City

Chennai’s first Nandos was inaugurated at Phoenix Market City


Chennai to Record its Hottest month this April

Yes, the avenues are indeed getting hotter! Global warming aside, Nando’s the home of the famous Afro-Portuguese PERi-PERi chicken has turned up the heat in its Hottest hub Chennai City and word is on the streets that Nando’s is the most happening place to meet and eat.

The city’s first Nandos was inaugurated today at Phoenix Mall, Velachery. The new ‘wing’ of Nandos is Chennai’s first and India’s seventh. Nando’s has two restaurants in Bangalore and Chandigarh and one each in New Delhi and Ludhiana.

The new Nandos restaurant nestles in a strategic spot in Phoenix Mall. The outdoor performance area and Cricket matches screening screens are just outside the Nandos balcony. This is how cricket matches get PERi-PERi interesting. The outdoor view compliments the contemporary, trendy, in vogue interiors. The cool interiors and the warmth of the hosts are value-additions to the dining experience.

Speaking about the new ventures, Mr. Vikrant Chougule, MD, Nandos Indage Restaurants Pvt Ltd said, “We are excited to launch Nandos in Chennai. India has been a very warm and welcoming market for us and we hope people here in Chennai come in to Nandos and enjoy their experience here. We want to bring to the city heat of PERi-PERi and in future look to doubling the number of restaurants we have today. We at Nandos aim at bringing the best tasting chicken from the world to different parts of India”.

Customer is the King! Customers can choose the amount of spice they want in their food. Many have to tried to figure out what makes Nandos chicken tasty. Some say it is the overnight marinade while others claim it is the butterfly grilling on an open flame. Some say it is the PERi-PERi sauce that gives it the unique flavor. But the real reason is the combination of all three served with a liberal portions of passion and pride.

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Positioned as a fine dining restaurant, Nandos serves an assorted platter of Veg and Non-veg dishes like Butterfly Chicken, PERi-PERi Hummus and Pita, Espetada, Portuguese Salad, Corn-on-the-cob, mocktails and bottomless soft drinks.

Nando’s – the international chain of a casual dining restaurant group, originated in South Africa with a Portuguese/Mozambican theme, was the brainchild of Robert Brozin and Fernando Duarte, two South African entrepreneurs, and was set it up in 1987. Nandos is present in 29 countries including India. Nando’s is an interesting blend between a fast food restaurant as well as a conventional restaurant. The ambience is fun, sophisticated and cheeky with a relaxed atmosphere. The core offering at the restaurant is the delicious ‘flame grilled chicken’, followed by a further selection of salads, appetizers, burgers and wraps. Peri Peri is the core differentiator and is the unique selling proposition (USP) of Nandos. It is the heart and soul of the brand.

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