Forecast: Numerology- Week 20

Numerological Forecast - Week 20 (may 16, 2017 – may 22,2017) By Om Kameswaraa
Forecast: Numerology- Week 20



Strength: –   The world revolves around you. very strong character, creative, Good Management and Leadership skills, leader all through the life. Independent and commanding. Action & result oriented. Inventive / Creative

Challenges: – Too authoritative, adamant, lacks in flexibility, Overly ambitious, Boasting.

Advice: –  More time will be needed to be spent on family and with someone who cares you deeply. More positivity will be felt in group work, family gathering. It’s time for you to adapt to the long-term plan. Share your work, plan with people you trust and like-mindedness. Discipline creates more freedom than a simple rebellion.



Strength: –  Having excellent analytical ability and creativity. Dependent nature. Set his own goal and standards of life. Self-motivator, speaks precisely. Flexible.

Challenges: – Sentimental, emotional, sensitive and submissive nature. Swings easily, lack of courage and self-confidence. Self-esteem, Inconsistency, lack steady mind. discipline. Daydreamer, shallow Person.

Advice: –  Be honest on your passion. You may be putting the head with someone or, exactly the opposite and find an unusual sense of harmony. Either way, you should be very aware of yourself and the way you relate to others. If you have a sense of freedom to make the right choice then all will be well. Treat others as if they were on the same level as you. Work on your emotion



Strength: – You are a born leader and being like a Deva-guru. Have divine grace, blessings, growth, steadiness, charismatic speech, Compassion, principles, values and strong knowledge. Having all good habits, soft nature, disciplined, gentle and cool mind.

Challenges: – Emotional, impatience, Poor Management of money. Recovery of debts. Conservative, tends to be very sentimental often.

Advice: –  This week is wonderful for you to travel. Explore the world, read books, and Internet to expand your horizons. What do you believe? This is a week to know yourself better . Channel your energy of your career area and life. Work on being more independent & strong. Avoid being too attached to your ability to persuade others.



Strength: – Excellent communicator. Open-mindedness is your strength. You are very practical, generous, straightforward, arguing or debating nature with unconventional views and opinions. You have the very deep analytical ability. You are the person with high integrity. Love to live life in a grand manner. Having charisma. If properly nurtured can raise to power or be a top most people person.

Challenges: – Ego, Secretive, rebellious personality, impulsive, short-tempered and emotional. Arguing too much, lack of diplomacy & planning.

 Advice: – A powerful energy is to emerge this week to realise yourself in a better way. Looking at things with an eye and the way of thinking out of the box can help you to discover the reasons for certain behaviors. If you understand triggering events in the past something that happened when you were younger, you’ll be empowered to change you thinking or behavior for the better. Respect people than tools.



 Strength: – Intelligent, witty, strong wil power, well planned, shrewd, peoples charisma, knows the knowledge and wisdom on money rotation, investment from others.

Challenges: – Dual nature, cunning, secretive, hypo critical, sometimes behave very childish. tends inconsistency on money making ideas, very materialistic, easily falls prey to Speculation gambling , Doubting nature.

Advice: –  Everyone has a life path. When you’re true to this path, there’s a sense of ease & satisfaction. Relationships has to be measured. Sometimes this can mean a conflict with a loved one’s career path. Sometimes it means facing the devastating effects of addiction. Those near you must share your goals or at least not stand in your way. Be honest with yourself.


Strength: – Intellectual, Plays brilliant Mind Strategy, courageous and likes to live life in a grand way. compassionate and understanding person. Religious harmony, marital bliss and domestic happiness. Attracts wealthy, Businessmen. Connect with gurus. Blessed with the power to give birth to a prodigal son/daughter.

Challenges: – Lack of will power, Obstinate and unyielding. Learn to balance with contending life. Laziness. Impulsive and emotional.

 Advice: –  You will experience a week of financial overconfidence. Consult with the trusted and evaluate well while investing. Avoid impulsive spending. Delay any major purchase and avoid buying on credit. Being cautious will help you feel most centered. A sense of being in control increases your ability to manage situations with care and good sense.



Strength: – Extraordinary mindpower, inventive and intuitive personality. Slow, steady and excellent communicator. Magnetic Charisma and straightforwardness. Debating & deep analytical ability. Unconventional in views and opinions. Loves to live grand manner. Integrity.

Challenges: – Dream and Mysterious. Animosity, Lazy and Inferiority complex & submissive nature. The small level of thinking or self-esteem and lack of discipline. Shallow Person. Self-limiting doubts. Full of fears about life. Inconsistency and impatience will tend to be quarrel some and criticize too much. Lack of courage and fighting spirit.

 Advice: –  You will be expressing your feelings early this week. Wonderful opportunity comes to take any important relationship to a deeper level. The greatest satisfaction today you will be able to share your ideas, concentrate more on group project or activity. Team work is best. It’s important to believe potentials of others.



Strength: – Knowledge treasure and Melancholic. If harnessed well one can go beyond any limit. Analytical thinking, creativity, path breakers and travels a lot. Eager to meet new people and keep learning Attitude. Does grand/ extravaganza. Noble qualities. Slow and steady approach ( cautious) strong willed.

Challenges: – Prefers loneliness. Extremists. Having a big dream to do big things. Animosity, willpower, Revolutionary , Rebellious, work on not being bogged into low level of thinking. Fear.

 Eight- Remember, each person is different and has his own way of thinking and perception. Care them, love them and yet, give space, privacy for them. It can create roadblocks and emotionally charged confrontations when trying to talk things over. If you’re hanging on to something that isn’t working, it may be time to leave.



Strength: – Warrior with intensive thinking. Always aggressive and energetic. Enormous leadership qualities, robust nature, impulsive decisions, dynamism & commanding skills, Courage confidence and Independent. Service oriented compassionate and kindhearted. likes to do larger than life cause.

Challenges: – Angry and short tempered. Falls easily t the negative web of circles. goes into courting unnecessarily. quarrelsome nature, sensitive, lacks discipline in handling money & as well as other habits. Doesn’t want to oblige anyone.

Advice: –  You have to make some changes in your deep psychological level. Anything you’re able to surrender will no longer haunt you or block your progress. There can be conflicts over money, sense of self-worth is tied up in the issue. Surrender your ego to make real progress. Material things are just things. People matter most.


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