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No ! No marriage. !!! No hurry the Chinese way

No ! No marriage. !!! No hurry the Chinese way

chinese, No marriage no hurry

No Marriage no hurry the Chinese way. When a population of a male female ratio happens to favour women and choices are plenty read on reactions to marriage proposals,few blunt,few outright darts….check out a recent Chinese televised show results.

*My ideal man has to be good-looking.He does’nt fall into that category.

*Hello.When you came on stage,you looked like a noodle.sorry.

*I think I might be better than you.

*I find absolutely nothing in you that impresses me.

*Sorry,you look like an alien to me.

*Apart from your appearance you’re a very good candidate.

*I like to be Fashionable.

*He looks like a lamp post.

*I turned you down because you’re wearing red pants.

*I want a man to keep a good hairstyle,once that’s messed up,his love will be over.

*But I think you’re quite ordinary.

These were the response by Small time business owners ,students,music teacher,

Hr manager,Acrobat and working class women.

With a population of 33 million more Chinese men the women seem to be calling the shots.Now this calls for serious show of dignity boys!!!!

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