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Not for the weak hearted… haunted places in Chennai

Not for the weak hearted… haunted places in Chennai


“Chennai is one of the most beautiful and peaceful cities in India,which also has a dark side unknown to many.Like most of the children, I was always fascinated by ghost stories and other supernatural things.Whenever I was depressed,I would start reading ghost stories, this would give me an instant kick and feel that there are better things to be afraid and worried about in this world.

As I grew up it turned into an obsession that I started checking out haunted places around my neighbourhood. I will never forget my first experience, which changed me in many ways. This happened in 2013(a year ago) I went to this place behind St.Thomas Mount which is reported to be haunted, it is a huge forest stretching from Nandambakkam to Meenambakkam with certain places being reserved for military and defence purposes. So many rapes and murders have been reported to have happened there. So me and my friends decided to check out this isolated place around 9pm. It was too dark and the only bright thing we could see was the moon, and it was a full moon too which added the creepiness. I had a strange feeling that someone was watching us from the beginning and suddenly two of my friends started screaming in horror and claimed that they could see a white shadow moving towards us from behind the tree, though i could never see that i felt that creepiness and we all rode away as fast as we could at once. We all had high fever for the next 3 days from which I understood one should never play with spirits.


But this incident made me more interested in the paranormal field that I was thinking how to combine this idea to make people around me aware of these things and thus, Haunted Places in Chennai happened. I was overwhelmed when the page reached 15,000 likes in less than 1 week, which showed that more people are interested in such stuffs. The people who claim it to be fictional are the ones who have never experienced it. Every week I receive at least 1 message sent by users about their paranormal experiences in Chennai which makes the page running. So far I have been to around 15 places in chennai reported to be haunted and also have had spooky experiences. The most famous ones in chennai includes Broken bridge,De Monte Colony, MCC and Valmiki Nagar. Everyone will definitely experience such things when their time comes. YOUR MOMENT IS WAITING” shares Varun Ramalingam who manages the Haunted places in Chennai Facebook page.

And if you are still curious about what kind of haunted places are found in our city, read on…

We came to know of the place near Broken Bridge, beyond the Theosophical society where fishermen of Ollcot Kuppam claim to hear a woman screaming in the night regularly. They believe this is the woman who was murdered here few years ago, coming back as a ghost to haunt the place. Infact, most people here will tell you that it is an area where you do not go post 9pm, and it is quite desolate. If you thought this was just a random story, how about the haunted place in the Chemistry lab at  Madras Christian College ? Apparently, people who have visited the corridor near the lab often experience sudden flickering of lights and a vague conversation floating in the air. It even sounds like a lecture in progress or someone reading a book inside the room. Nobody knows the truth, but most people who have been to the lab have been found to come out running for their lives and remain speechless for a while afterwards.  There are quite a few other stories within the college that has been going around for decades.

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And then there is the story around D’Monte colony, off TTK road. It is said that the road has about 10 houses that all look identical, and most of them are boarded up and left abandoned. Apparently, there was a man named D’monte who lived in one of the houses with his family, he was one of the directors of Arbutnot bank, a leading bank in Chennai that went down in 1906. It is said that his son died of mysterious reasons and soon after the couple also died. Since then, the house seems haunted and people who have passed by the road have shared experience of hearing voices, seeing doors open, seen ghosts wandering the streets. Nobody really knows what happened to the family, but the entire area is haunted is the belief.

In another part of town, Apartment No F-2 on #3, Seward Road in Valmiki Nagar a house stands out, and is called the Bhoot bangle [haunted house]. The owner’s daughter is said to have committed suicide there few years ago, and her spirit continues to haunt the place. The house remained vacant for quite a while, but then in 2008 a group of five friends moved in here. Today only two of the 5 live there, and one of them has shared that he heard sobs, screams and mysterious sounds come from the house. The doors slam shut at 2am every night and he gets the feeling someone is watching him and so he moved out shortly after. Real or not, they sure are spooky and leave us rattled….

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