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Fully Local, Mylapore- Review

Fully Local, Mylapore- Review

Fully Local, Mylapore Review by MytrsywithFood

Fully Local, Mylapore- Not so local!9

The Vibrant colours used at the restaurant “Fully Local” makes it look funky and attractive. Be it the way, they serve the mouth freshener (in a mini-bicycle) or give the bill (in a miniature Iron Box), the team has tried being innovative in all ways possible.

Of course, they offer a wide variety of food but what started as a 100% vegetarian eat-out didn’t turn out be one. When it comes to North Indian Cuisine, I appreciate their vegetarian dishes more.

Fully Local, Mylapore- Not so local!10

Fully Local, Mylapore- Not so local!

As soon as were seated, we were given the complimentary Mango Drink. I loved it as it was served cold and the taste was just like tang which worked for me as I am a fan of tang.

Fully Local, Mylapore- Not so local!2

The Orders:

Gol Gappe Shots: As a fan of Pani Puri, I was way too tempted after seeing a few good pictures of their version of Pani Puris and made up my mind to try it out. I have no complaints in terms of the taste. Because they had the pani puris served as shots, it was very inconvenient and  a lot was left-over. I always prefer the old fashioned way or the good old technique of serving pani-puri.

Fully Local, Mylapore- Not so local!3

The veg assorted pakoras were crispy and tasty. Since, the hotel projects itself as a north Indian joint, it was hard to not notice the absence of Ajwain in their pakoras. Because of the absence of this ingredient, it can be called a Bajji. I am still figuring out why they gave us tomato sauce instead of green chutney. Another thing I couldn’t help noticing were the spice levels of the chilli pakoras. They had not deseeded the chili, which made very uncomfortable to digest. The pakoras in the dish I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who are not okay with that crazy level of spice.

Fully Local, Mylapore- Not so local!4

Keema Pav: This was the culprit which changed our mind from what was supposed to be a 100% Vegetarian outing that day. This was simply superb. Best find of the day award goes to this. The Pav was super soft. The Keema was yummy.

Fully Local, Mylapore- Not so local!5

Delhi Style Rajma Chawal: (Served with Raita, Pickle and Salad) Rajma is my comfort food and being an ardent fan of it, I had to try this. This is a dish I would recommend, but sadly, something was missing which made it lack the punch. I am guessing it’s the salt.

Fully Local, Mylapore- Not so local!6

Paneer Kulcha: It was good to see Kasoori Methi (Dried Fenugreek Leaves) smeared on the Kulcha. I also feel there was too much of it. No accompaniments served along with this one. But, the staff obliged to give us pickle after we requested for it. Kulcha was just fine. Fully Local Special is the Phirni: Phirni was good. Would have preferred it  sweeter though.

Overall Experience: Owing to all the hype created around it, I made a visit. If you go with least expectation to Fully Local, chances are that you’ll enjoy the place. Fully local didn’t give me the satisfaction I was looking for, so I am not sure if I am going again to the hotel. Oh wait! May be I will. Got confused with my conclusion? That’s exactly my state of mind too!

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