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ORRA launches of platinum love bands

ORRA launches of platinum love bands

ORRA launches of platinum love bands

 In celebration of this wonderful season of togetherness, ORRA, one of India’s most preferred jewellery brands has recently launched a stunning collection of couple love bands as part of its Infinity Collection. A curation of exquisite couple rings in timeless platinum, the bands aim to signify the message to the one you love that that you will always be by their side.

ORRA launches of platinum love bands

infinity-collection-from-orra-2Platinum Couples Collection

Witnessing a growth curve with the modern jewellery consumer, platinum is also a new favourite amongst brides and grooms. Being the first to introduce the Platinum Couples Collection of love bands, ORRA is upbeat about its latest launch and continues to see a rising preference amongst couples more so the newly engaged couples.

Working with the different emotions associated to love and with Valentine’s Day right round the corner, the new collection celebrates how two people bound together by fate; grow to cherish the love that they share.

It is a celebration between the couple and their immediate family. The preference of choice is love bands in platinum and what is interesting is that it is becoming a favorite not only amongst newly engaged couples, but also amongst those renewing the vows that they made to each other five or even ten years ago! Therefore, in spite of the market slowdown currently, we are seeing a rising interest in this segment.

Keeping this in mind, we saw it as the most opportune time to launch our new platinum love band collection ‘Infinity’. Styled around Greek symbolism, the collection comes studded with exquisite Belgian diamonds, serving as a perfect engagement, anniversary or Valentine’s gift.”

Series of designs around the concept of ‘us’, the collection is made available across all of ORRA’s 32 stores across 24 cities. For more details



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