Peanut Butter: The Gen-X Digital Cinema!

Bollywood stars attend special screening of PLAYGROUND Digital Cinema’s ‘Peanut Butter’!
Peanut Butter: The Gen-X Digital Cinema!

Sunil Kumar Thadani (Founder-CEO) and Mohan Shetty (Co-Founder) of PLAYGROUND – a digital cinema channel and a new web portal offering its viewers a bouquet of versatile genres for the Gen-X, hosted a special screening of their most awaited short film, Peanut Butter at The View in Andheri.

Playground launched it first Short, ‘Lonely Girl’ starring Riya Sen and Kyra Dutt recently and this being the next, is most awaited.

For the special screening of the movie written and directed by Manu Chobe, a lot of celebrities were present and praised the performance of the movie’s lead actors – Gauahar Khan and Dhiraj Totlani and Sunil Thadani and Mohan Shetty’s vision to create PLAYGROUND wishing them luck for the future projects.

For those who may not know, PLAYGROUND is a new digital platform created to service the on-the-go customer. With a much younger, busier and digitally savvy audience today, PLAYGROUND brings the big screen into the palm of your hand. Besides movies and short films, PLAYGROUND also offers web movies, theatres, plays, documentaries, celebrity interviews (films and sports), celebrity talk shows (films and sports), movie reviews, Bollywood news, music talent promotion, etc.

Peanut Inner 2

Among the ones who attended the Peanut Butter screening included producers Sunil Thadani, Mohan Shetty, Ratnesh Kumar, Manu Chobe, Gauahar Khan, Dhiraj Totlani along with Bani, Kabir Sadanand, Hussain Kuwajerwala, Anant Mahadevan, Mohan Azaad and others.

Gauahar Khan breaks down on the sets of Playground Digital Cinema’s next short Peanut Butter!

For the first time, Gauahar (28-year-old Priya Mathur) will be seen playing the mother of an 18-year-old in the coming-of-age story which revolves around her challenges.

Peanut Inner 1

Gauahar, who has stepped out of her comfort zone to portray the challenging role was very touched when she has narrated the story and decided to take up the film without even a pre-shoot rehearsal.

Since the shoot of such scenes is emotionally grueling, after a sequence which was intense, Gauahar broke down on the sets. She couldn’t hold back her emotions as she got too involved in her character.

On the day of the shoot, said a crew member, “Gauahar performed exceptionally well and was so much into the character that she cried naturally, as a mother would.

Because of her deep involvement in the character, the entire unit felt what she was trying to emote as she felt the pain and sorrow of Priya Mathur. Her cry left the entire unit in teary eyes.”

The short Peanut Butter is available to watch on Playground Digital Cinema from 6th March onwards!

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