The princely state of Hyderabad has one of the finest Indian cuisine, famous for its rich history and culture, it extends to its food, a place where food is...

The princely state of Hyderabad has one of the finest Indian cuisine, famous for its rich history and culture, it extends to its food, a place where food is synonymous with comfort and pleasure. The cuisine draws influences from the rich Mughal food, the Nizams and the spiced culinary traditions of the south. To give travellers a taste of the rich aromatic and heavily spiced delicious delicacies, Plaza Premium Lounge will be hosting a Hyderabad Food Festival curating carefully handpicked dishes.

The food festival will showcased some popular Hyderabadi dishes such as Chicken KormaQabooli Biryani and Dum Ka Murgh. To give travellers an interactive dining experience, delicious dishes will be served at the Live Station such as Dum Chicken Biryani with the famous Mirchi Ka SalanKeema Biryani or the popular Haleem, and not to forget the hot and spicy Kodi Fry Chicken. For the compulsive sweet tooth, the festival is also packed with some exciting dessert options such as the ever popular Double Ka Meetha.

 Commenting on the occasion Executive Chef, Ankit Mangla said, “ Driven by new aspirations in the culinary dictionary of our guests, we at Plaza Premium Lounge have always been the first to bring interesting food festivals and festive menu inside the airport area to break the monotony of the regular buffets and thrive to give our guests something different every time. The Hyderabadi Food Festival is an extraordinary opportunity to showcase the range and diversity of cuisine that India can offer and our guests will get to see a new facet of the rich Hyderabadi food culture. We are sure that the Hyderabadi Cuisine will be well received by our guests”.

It’s time to treat your taste buds with scrumptious Hyderabadi food, one of the most famous cuisine of the world, right here at the airport for all travellers. Forget the boring monotonous airport food and visit Plaza Premium Lounge to indulge in some mouth-watering Hyderabadi food.

What: Hyderabadi Food Festival at Plaza Premium Lounge

Where: Plaza Premium Lounge, Domestic Departures at Hyderabad Airport (Telangana)

When: On till 25th October 2017

Price: Lounge access starts at Rs.1200 plus taxes

*This promotion is limited to select lounges at Hyderabad Airports

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