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Pubs in Bangalore to introduce breathanalyzers

Pubs in Bangalore to introduce breathanalyzers

Pubs in Bangalore to introduce breathanalyzers

More than thousand pubs in Karnataka will have breath analysers that will help customers know if they can drive back or arrange for a vehicle to take them back. The reason that many pubs will be introducing the breath analysers is because customers will know their level of alcohol consumption.

Road Safety for Safe Karnataka introduced this initiative. The whole initiative is to reduce alcohol consumption and will be undertaken by OLA and the state government. There is another reason for the introduction of more measures to reduce alcohol driving in Bangalore.

Bangalore had more than 60000 cases of drunken driving in 2016, despite regular warnings and checking by the police. This is a perfect initiative as Bangalore is one of the metros with the highest number of pubs and where the night life is pretty amazing, despite the curfew time and ultimately reduce the number of mishaps in the city.

It is also called the pub capital of India. This initiative by the government for those who feel that they have gone overboard with drinking may help in reducing the amount of alcohol in some though hardcore alcohol lovers will drink the same amount. If the reading is beyond a permissible limit, they won’t be allowed to drive.

As of now, 1000 pubs have agreed to follow this new campaign. Food and Civil supplies minister said that people will now have access to know how much alcohol they had; they themselves will become more responsible people. These will be available at the pub’s doorsteps.

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