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Real Time Reality Stars

Real Time Reality Stars

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Reel Stars Gotta catch up with These Stars 

Television Entertainment Channels are getting a stiff competition from the News and Current affairs channels with Leaders and Leaders in the making,Nationally and Regionally.There is so much to catch up with. 

PM addressing the nation
This is something very serious. Entire country reschedules their New year  plans. TV channels, panelist,analysit are all on alert mode. Bars and clubs widescreen entertainment stop to stream the PM live. No clue and speculation on what to expect. Will he keep with his ‘Burn me live “Agnipravesh stand..with the 50 days deadline is up, there are hopes in certain quarters. Will there be a Amazon, Snapdeal and Paytm tie up where currency will be delivered at your door step.. Wild guesses are floating around. With Purple turning out to be new Black is there some Blues coming our way. Dont know.
Instead he has patronised each one of our agony to a white India,he empathised with farmers,women putting in long hours at work,told how rich our Banks have become,and what wonders that could mean….Sure enough no talk of roll back or agnipravesh…so far so good.The common man went back to his New year celebrations…only to wake up to new announcement on cash withdrawals and set of deadline to get your old notes legitamate.
Really tough to keep up with this Reality Star….
Leaders in the making
When a close confidante of a departed leader is taking over the reigns of a party, all are eyes and ears too as public has not heard her speak.
So when sceptical observers are keen to dissect and reassure they were right Bingo!!!!
They had to witness a power packed performance,a well delivered script with quivers, choking, dabbing away tears and well timed pauses for her audience claps, she truly arrived in dravidian stlye. Touching the parties legendary lineage to adrressing the root bearers, striking her own cause to serve the late leader in the past 3 decades and to keep up the promise till her end.
There were more important things to do a centennial celebration for her mentors mentor, Stamps, Bharatratna, Nobel peace prize, Magsaysay awards, Oscar and Grammy not yet added to the wish list yet.
The Channels and Media had to keep up with new hairstyle,fit of the blouse, necklines similarity in dressing style, body language and finger languages.Media was playing it safe indulging in  updates on the makeover,not taking a chance with what could be a ‘one on one’ interview in the days to come.Everyone chose to ignore the bloodbath treatment meted out to an top position nomination attempt.
So much to keep up,may be mutliple language skills new wardrobe and accessories,also party men who are standing tall will go back to their well practiced bent at waist postures,with a bit of grovelling and crawling.
Son’s of U.P Land
This keeping up has to be in hourly basis.When a leaders’s son is expelled or made to go to forest it is a general practice there is a step mother or the father has multiple wives.
Not in modern times,latest  we heard the father is expelled.
Now we know there is more entertainment and keeping up on News Channels.
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