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Residency Towers presents ‘Seventh Rickshaw Challenge- Classic Run: 2014’

Residency Towers presents ‘Seventh Rickshaw Challenge- Classic Run: 2014’

The Residency Towers, Chennai’s premium luxury hotel hosts the international participants of the Rickshaw Challenge- Classic Run 2014. The ‘seventh edition’ of the Annual Rickshaw Challenge which runs between December 28, 2013 and January 07, 2014 from Chennai to Trivandrum. The Rickshaw Challenge, a series of auto rickshaw event that providence-in-a-lifetime experience to adventure tourists around the globe. The idea of the Rickshaw Challenge is for participants to learn how to fuel and drive Asia’s most beloved vehicle, an auto rickshaw. This year’s event includes teams from the UK, Spain, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Switzerland, France and Hungary. Perhaps one of the most important and meaningful aspects of the Rickshaw Challenge events is its partnership with Round Table India. By working with Round Table India, a non-profit organization designed to provide educational opportunities for underprivileged children, Rickshaw Challenge participants do more than observe India. They get involved. Round Table India provides personal tours of their projects, especially those built under their “Freedom through Education” initiative, which has set the foundation, built the facilities and provided the resources necessary for Indian children to receive an education. Historically, several participants have contributed to this effort. Some have simply donated boxed of pencils to a local school. Others held high-yielding fundraising and awareness campaigns in their home countries. It is a partnership that provides the promise of a future to so many children of India. It is a partnership that shows each participant the real India.

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