Saving Guru!

Over Rs 4 lac raised online for life saving campaign!
Saving Guru!

In a strange coincidence, a patient by the name of ‘Guru’ from Bengaluru is battling a life-threatening disease for which an online crowd-funding campaign is currently live on ‘Impact Guru!’

Bengaluru, 01 st March 2017- Online crowd-funding is becoming an increasingly popular and effective tool for people to raise funds towards different causes and projects, and in some cases, towards more personal humanitarian causes such as saving a life.

One such case is that of Guru, a young resident of Bangalore who has been battling Leukemia for the last one year, a form of cancer that can be fatal to human life. Doctors suggest that a Bone Marrow transplant, a procedure that can cost up to a whooping Rs. 50 lacs, is the only probable solution that can cure Guru’s life threatening disease.

Guru Inner

Being flag bearers of self-belief and determination in Guru’s battle, his colleagues have initiated an online campaign on crowd-funding platform Impact Guru to source funds for his treatment; what appears to be a mountain to climb in more ways than one.

The crowd-funding initiative is driven by Guru’s tremendous will power and his fight to survive.

However, financial shortcomings and the lack of adequate funding are proving to be the two biggest barriers opposing his herculean fight. In such a scenario, the ongoing campaign, which has helped raise a sum of Rs 4,34,000 thus far, is proving to be the brightest ray of hope that can turn the tables in his favor.

Guru’s case is only one among a million other cases which see patients enduring life-threatening diseases on a daily basis. Online crowd-funding builds a strong case for itself in this context, becoming an effective path to tread if the cause of the campaign reaches the right people at the right time.

There are enough and more stories out there that substantiate the power of crowd-funding. It is therefore now left to be seen if Guru’s case will join the inspiring bucket of success stories. Only time will tell.



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