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Savour delightful Doughnuts at La Patisserie, Taj Coromandel!

Savour delightful Doughnuts at La Patisserie, Taj Coromandel!

It’s World Doughnut Day and Taj Coromandel turns the spotlight on this modest ring of fried dough, a warm and absolutely delicious treat that brings a smile on one’s face. La Patisserie at Taj Coromandel, Chennai’s favourite Cake Shop & Delicatessen celebrates delightful doughnuts in varied flavours, as part of World Doughnut Day. This day celebrates the efforts of the ‘doughnut girls’ of The Salvation Army who served these treats to American soldiers during World War 1.

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The chefs at La Patisserie have given the humble doughnut a fresh look and taste. Savour delicious Basil Orange (Italian basil cream and Valencia orange glaze); Boston Cream (Belgium dark chocolate and whipped custard); Fresh Mango (Alphonso mango mousse); and Sparkling Strawberry (fresh strawberry and chocolate strawberry glaze).

For the health conscious there is the Baked Sugar-free Doughnut. For those who cannot resist Butter scotch and Dark chocolate mélange, go for the interesting Salted Caramel with Belgium Chocolate. For those who love a dash of drama to their doughnuts, we recommend Braided Doughnut (Knots and glaze). Other flavours include Nutty Butter (Gianduja chocolate and nuts); Cinnamon Ring (Coated with Cinnamon dust); Chocolate Almond Allover (Almond slivers and white chocolate); Banana Doughnut (Seared banana and demerara sugar); and Sugar Doughnut (Classic cinnamon sugar).

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Enjoy these special doughnuts, with your favourite cup of coffee at the Tea Lounge at Taj Coromandel!

June 3-5  |  Doughnuts priced at INR 75 to INR 150

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