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Selfie time!

Selfie time!

The rage to take photographs has increased over the years, more so with the advent of good phone cameras. And today, with the smart phones sporting a front camera, people are busy clicking and sharing across various social network channels- facebook, twitter, Instagram and everywhere else you can dream off. Amidst all these photography enthusiast, there is a new group who are all about clicking Selfies. Termed as “selfitis”, they are seen all over clicking pictures all the time. 

Recently there was a news item published in the USA about defining the Selfitis as a mental disorder and including it in the list of psychological issues that people have. While there have been quite a few other sites revoking this news and calling it a hoax, the condition sure doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon.

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These days, all you need to do is walk into a mall or a theme park or the theater and you will find people in various nooks and corners clicking selfies shamelessly.  Sometimes when a group of friends meet up after long, before they part ways, there is always that moment for a “selfies”. Infact, selfies have become so popular we had one at the Oscars as well with Ellen DeGeneres leading the pack. The photograph went viral, and created quite a wave. 

When travelling, click a selfies with the monument/building behind; when in a movie theater, post a quirky photo of the two of you watching the movie; when in a concert, take a selfies with a ticket; take a selfie with your  friend’s dog or child, as you can see the list is just endless.

buy Vermox online  It is said that there are three levels of this selfies condition:

•The Borderline selfitis :  people who are all about taking selfies a couple of times during the day, but don’t post all of them online.  

•Acute selfitis: very similar to the borderline group, but these people love posting their selfies across other platforms instantly.  

•Chronic selfitis:  You can even call them “lost cause”, they are constantly clicking selfies and posting them online, not once or twice but one every few hours or more.  Another noted feature of these people is that they are also looking for likes, comments ever so often once they have posted. 

buy Lithium online Arpana says she loves taking Selfies with her gang of girls, whenever they meet there will be a flurry of selfies clicked and some get shared on facebook instantly with the geotagging.  Another friend Nalini said she clicks selfies whenever she tries on a new dress, gets a hair cut or special occasion. The joy of clicking, seeing her own face and then uploading it online is something that cannot be expressed in words, but needs to be experienced.  Raghav said he and his friends have gotten into the habit of clicking selfies whenever they meet for a game of tennis or at his house for some Xbox fun. They end up sharing this with their other friends who couldn’t make it and rub it in, making them jealous. The one thing all of them agreed upon is clicking selfies when travelling, it is something they are unable to resist and quite enjoy! 

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How many pictures of yourself did you click today? 

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