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Shahi Tukra Summer Pudding Recipe

Shahi Tukra Summer Pudding Recipe

Shahi Tukra Summer Pudding Recipe

Recipe:  Shahi Tukra Summer Pudding



Salted Butter
Whipped cream
Nutmeg powder
Ginger powder
Cinnamon powder
Elaichi powder


  • Take stale bread – a bread which is one or two days old. Cut than into triangles.
  • Then fry that bread in salted butter until it turns golden and crisp on both sides.
  • Dip that bread into a chashni made of 2 parts sugar, 1 part water  – the chashni should not be too thick, it should just be less than just 1/3rd
  • Once it’s dipped, quickly leave that on the side while the bread absorbs a little bit of that chashni.
  • Now for the mousse, take whipped cream – around 2 or 3 cups of it.
  • To that, add 2 or 3 cups of rabri – rabri should be made very simply by just reducing the milk – it has elaichi, nutmeg and sugar.
  • Fold the rabri into the cream until it gives a nice and soft texture – don’t get rid of the lumps of the milk, let those remain as it will give a textural difference.
  • Into the mousse, add nutmeg powder, ginger powder, cinnamon powder and elaichi powder just for taste – you can start off with around a quarter tea spoon of each but you can adjust this as per your taste.
  • Once the mousse is mixed, move on to the compote which is of strawberries.
  • Take around 300-400 grams of strawberries and add 3-4 table spoons of water, 1 table spoon of sugar and a squeeze of half a lemon into that. Allow that to cook down until it’s a nice jammy consistency but not dry at all.
  • Let the pieces of strawberries remain intact – you can let that cook down a little bit but not too much.
  • Once that’s done, leave this on the side as well and let it go completely cold.
  • Now you are ready to assemble.
  • Serve this in a glass, hence first put a little bit of the mousse.
  • On the sides, add the smaller triangles of the fried bread that was prepared which by now will be nicely soaked.
  • In the middle, add the strawberry compote and then again repeat – the mousse, bread, compote and then finally finishing with the mousse.
  • On top, you can do a nice and generic peeked piping and garnish with fresh pistachios which are slivered, almonds if you wish as well, edible flowers and the silver varakh for a traditional touch.
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