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Skipping and jumping rope bestows fitness!

Skipping and jumping rope bestows fitness!

  • Skipping and jumping rope bestows fitness!

Skipping a good exercise to do!

“Skipping is just a dancing walk, or if you prefer, a walking dance.” Jessi Lane Adams

We all would remember our childhood days where we actively play skipping with our neighbors. It is actually good enough for you to do skipping every morning. It is also known as a warm-up exercise or included in a daily exercise session. It is good to jump normally. In Schools, The master would ask the children to jump and run and it is kind of warm- up before a game. Jumping is also used in Yoga classes as a warm-up. If you see children jumping, it would look like the happiest soul. Generally, people would smile when they jump and forget the rest of the things. And so, it will be good to do skipping as an exercise before your breakfast.

Help children to play skipping and other outdoor games that would fit their body and make food to digest easily. Skipping ropes are easily available and it is purchased in many sports shops. It may help you get stamina and lead an energetic day. Make sure the rope is perfect to your height and check it out by standing in the middle of the rope and raise the rope both the sides by your hand.  “Skipping is Oxygen for the soul,” says Jessi Lane Adams and so start skipping from today to get highly energized life. Skip hard and witness the result in your fit body.

Benefits of Skipping:

Full body work out

Cardiovascular fitness

Feels energetic

Burns calories

Provides shape

Fit body condition

Good for abdomen

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If you feel tired of skipping, have a friend by your side and start jumping together with happiness. A good exercise that everyone can follow and get the above-mentioned benefits. While hopping, do not look down and look straight and continue it. It is the correct position to hop and do not look at your feet and concentrate on skipping. The mind will be refreshed from stress due to your concentration on skipping for a long time.

The next step of skipping leads to more than jumping! And learn various skipping methods.

Double jump, skip jump, hop jump, jog jump, high jogging, ski jogging, and cross-over are the various skipping methods which will be practiced after the normal jumping. Make others astonish by your different ways of skipping. As skipping help out in weight loss than running, it could be added in the suggestion list.

 Two important things to prepare yourself before skipping- Be ready with perfect shoes and check the surface level of you are skipping area because prevention is better than cure. It is really one good warmup or exercise that would be recommended for all group of people who wants to lose weight. Perseverance is all you need to have in each and every single steps of life.

Do not wait anymore! Skip daily and Burn Calories!

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