Solo Travelling – Do’s and Don’ts!

Here are some do's and don'ts for your solo travel.
Solo Travelling - Do’s and Don’ts!

Your safety is first. Don’t depend on strangers, remember to carry basic necessities like a map, food, water bottle and a first aid box.

Be friendly and confident since until you make a conversation with someone – everyone is a stranger. But if you feel uncomfortable during a conversation just walk away. It’s perfectly fine to be harsh when safety is concerned.

Get to know all the information about the place you’re traveling too. Make sure to give a quick cultural review – this would be an added advantage throughout your trip.

If you are going to a place where your mobile network might not feasible and also you are not sure where you’ll stay, get an MTNL/BSNL sim cards for your phone as most places do catch their signal.

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Make sure to keep in touch with your colleagues, or your loved ones through calls, texts and other social networking platforms to assure them that you are safe.

Stick to daytime travel, reason is most of the assault and harassment tends to happen during late evenings and night hence its best to travel during the day. But despite that, if you travel at night make sure you choose a good and safe mode of transport.

When going to a cold place, always carry an extra pair of woollen socks that can also double up as mittens for when your hands start to get cold.

Always have some money strapped on your person for if your luggage were to get lost, you can at least get by to a safe location with some money.

Be a smart traveller don’t burden yourself with unnecessary luggage. Choose backpack always keep it light since it’s only you who will be carrying it.


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