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Stirring up a storm!

Stirring up a storm!

Stirring up a storm!

More and more people are dining out – for various reasons. Restaurants and cafes seem to be springing up at every street corner, making this even more interesting and rewarding. Many of these eateries and kiosks are trying up to please the beast (customers) with more innovation in their food. One of the newer entrants is 196 Degrees Below – a dessert destination.

This dessert parlor, which is actually a lab of sorts, has put in serious research into its offerings. Located in a quiet corner of Alwarpet, this dessert parlor churns out what its customers want. This means you can decide what you want right from scratch.

You choose the base, which is a gelato. This ice cream is made right from the scratch with a mix of vegan milk (soy), cream, sugar and flavoring agent. There is also a ‘no-sugar’ option in this category.

Once you zero in on the base, then go the throw-ins. You can choose from blueberry, brownie, black forest cake, Ferrero Rocher premium, red velvet cake. The throw-in is blended with the base you select.

196 - Inner 1Then go the top-ups. Again, there is a long list to select from like Gems, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate chips, Oreo sand, gummy bears, waffles sticks and the sorts.

Then goes in the syringe. Well, it is a real injection minus the needle. The syringe is filled with a syrup like Nutella, chocolate fudge, white chocolate, caramel, butterscotch and more.

Now the whole thing is served in a beaker from a chemistry lab set. All that is left is to lap up the concoction.

There are other things that this ‘lab’ serves. Slow pressed fresh juices, coolers, thick shakes and waffles.

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The waffles are an interesting part in this place. The base is made in-house and comes with various toppings such as ice creams and fruits. Honey, maple, Nutella and walnut waffle, strawberry and vanilla ice cream waffle are some of the options here.

The freak shakes are a must-try. Served in a skull-shaped glass, the toppings are at least six inches high.

Located at Ananda Road in Alwarpet, a treat at 196 Degrees Below costs approximately Rs 450 for two people.

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