Suchi-leaks continue..!

Tension in K'town as obscene pics of actresses surface!
Suchi-leaks continue..!

The Tamil film industry is in a state of shock, after obscene and intimate pictures of actors made their way to the social media, through the Twitter account of RJ-singer-actress Suchitra Karthik Kumar. A series of accusations against several celebrities was posted on her Twitter page since yesterday.

There is chaos and confusion in the film industry as a result if it. In a series of tweets posted on her account, allegations were made against an actor, a female playback singer, actresses and a director. Also, obscene videos claiming to be that of few actresses were also posted. A few tweets even claimed that actresses have to make some ‘adjustments’ for offers in films. Private photos of actors including Dhanush, Hansika and Trisha with incriminating captions were posted from her handle.

Suchi 2

‘My account has been hacked. I have said this several times. It is sad. I am planning to file a complaint through my advocate with Commissioner of Police’, she said.

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Suchitra added, ‘I have really had enough. This is the work of someone who’s had a grudge against me for over a decade now, and they want to kick me when I’m down. They actually went as far ahead as hiring a company in Chennai to hack. Thankfully, I have a private cyber-investigator on my side who’s helped me out. But these series of systematically-planned attacks have gotten on my nerves. Ask anyone in the industry if I’m actually capable of posting such crazy things?’

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On reports that she had obtained the divorce from Karthik she said they have filed for separation.

Meanwhile, her account was locked and made private late last night after a series of startling ‘tweets’ and most of them went viral. Meanwhile, in a statement, Suchitra’s husband Karthik Kumar, said, ‘People have been mentioning her tweets in not so positive way. I have been honest enough to tell them, it is indicative of a certain emotional state we are all trying to understand and address.’

He further stated, ‘All the people mentioned in the tweets have been patient enough to understand that this could happen to anyone and to not take it personally. I really value all of that. There is nothing personal in all of this and it is more indicative of whatever condition she is going through.

I request members of the press not to go to town about this and not to take any of those ‘facts’ seriously. Please treat her like you would as a member of your own family’.

An email conversation between Andrea and director Selvaraghavan in which the actress talks about some intimate scenes of herself with Selvaraghvan, that were shot for a film, was also leaked.

Meanwhile, sources said that that the actress is disturbed emotionally and hence all chaos broke out. Family members are planning to give an ear to her problems and set things right, they added.

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