Is Suchi Towards Suicide Attempt?

The strong response from actress Trisha on Suchi Leaks turns another direction on Suchi's fate!
Is Suchi Towards Suicide Attempt?

Latest tweet of Trisha in regards with Suchi-Leaks triggered people to talk about the destiny of Suchitra Karthik.

The recently coined tagline ‘Suchi Leaks’ by social media has not only given the jolt to Tamil Film Industry. It has shaken the entire Indian Film Industry, as there are many leaks from all South Indian languages have started emerging under the same tagline of ‘Suchi Leaks’

Though there is no connection with Suchitra for such other leaks, the trend of leaking those spicy materials has been initiated by Suchitra only.

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Surprisingly many big stars of Tamil Industry keep themselves silent on this issue, one valid tweet has come from the Main Actress Trisha who is miserably affected by the leaks of Suchi in this period. The leakage footage of Suchi clearly portrayed the intimacy between Trisha and Dhanush which also added the authentic value of the Suchi’s charges against Dhanush and his attitude.

Suchi Inner 2

Is Suchi Towards Suicide Attempt?

Trisha has responded in her tweet as ‘No need for revenge! Just sit back and wait! Those who hurt you will screw up themselves and if you’re lucky, God will let you watch!’

Looking like a curse, the statement of Trisha has created many speculations on Suchi and people who closely associated with Suchi and her family started murmuring that the core essence of Trisha’s tweet might be the suicidal decision of Suchitra.

‘Its not Trisha’s wish but the actual truth of Suchitra’s family gives such kind of expectation!’ – one of Suchitra’s inner circle friend told us the shocking history of Suchitra’s family.

There are few more suicidal incidents already happened in Suchitra’s family that her grandma and one aunt did choose to end their life under the depression of various reasons.

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Including her husband Karthik, her family members and friends keep on saying that she is not in normal and she is under huge depression of recent incidents happened in her life. They also say that she may be taken to London for further treatment.

Suchi Inner 1

Under this scenario the statement of Trisha, which gives mysterious clues on Suchi’s destiny, being noted seriously by industry people. ‘Suchi will be punished by her own by choosing the path of suicidal!’ is the fear brewing around the surface of Kollywood!

But one of her close friends who works in FM Radio industry clearly states that ‘We cannot expect any other thing from Trisha kind of people as the leaks have cleared ditched these creamy people’s image all of sudden. Suchi is not such a person to take such kind of decision. She is very bold and she clearly knows that what she is doing. She wants to keep herself away quite for some time. So plans to go out of Chennai. Once the dust gets settled, she will come back again as our old gold friend Suchi!’

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